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Keep up to date with the latest health and safety news. We produce regular health and safety bulletins and organise special events to keep you informed.

Health and safety is part of everything we do. Doing things safely will help you to achieve your work, study and research goals.

Our philosophy is that, whilst we work within legal boundaries, a safe and healthy workplace is best achieved by developing risk awareness and allowing people to make informed decisions. We all need to take responsibility for finding out how to do things safely. Our website contains practical advice to help you work, study and play safely whilst on our campuses.

If you're new to the University, watch our video: An introduction to Health and Safety at the University of Essex.

Find out about

  • Fire safety and common health and safety risks at the University.
  • Your responsibilities and what you need to do.
  • Details of our range of health and safety and fire courses and events.
  • Contact details of people who can help you.
  • How to report an accident, hazard or health and safety concern.

Training courses

health and safety course

It's important everyone carries out their health and safety responsibilities and meets the standards related to their work. Find out about our training courses.

Health and safety advice

Health and Safety Advisory Service

Contact the Health and Safety Advisory Service (HSAS) for professional advice and guidance about health and safety or fire safety.

Reporting an incident

Colchester Campus

Health and safety incidents involving staff, students, tenants, contractors or visitors on University premises or during field trips must be reported.