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Study abroad

All of our undergraduate courses have a year abroad option. You spend the year before the final year of your degree at one of our many partner universities throughout the world. Your study at the overseas institution counts towards your final degree grade. Many study abroad placements do not require knowledge of a foreign language

Study abroad enhances your employability. A period of study abroad on your CV tells employers that you are mature, adaptable, organised and independent. It can enhance your learning and widen your opportunities upon graduation.

Life-changing experience

Essex Abroad is for the go-getters, the jet-setters, the explorers and adventurers. Get a glimpse of this life-changing experience, develop a genuine world view and prepare for life as a global citizen.

Planning your study abroad

You will be helped and supported throughout your first and second years at Essex, when you will plan your study abroad.

  • We offer various scholarships and funding opportunities to help you with the costs of studying abroad.
  • Essex Abroad holds information sessions for first-year students during the autumn term and ongoing drop-in sessions for advice on the suitability of individual universities.
  • Final-year students who have just returned to Essex provide first-hand accounts of the ups and downs of their experiences.
  • You may be able to meet with exchange students from the country you will be visiting, who are spending their period of study abroad at Essex, to get their personal accounts of their home campuses and the differences between the British education system and their own.
  • Our Students' Union has a Year Abroad Society, which can provide peer advice and support.