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Knowledge of politics in the developing world produces crucial insights for political representation in the West, especially for questions of representation during crises. Our work links representation and crisis across the developed and developing world.

Our aims

  1. Investigate the role of political representation in the development of effective political institutions before, during and after crises, and understand how crises might upend these institutions.
  2. Understand political representation in times of crisis, especially for minorities, refugees and women.
  3. Determine how political representation can transform institutions and enhance capacity building them both at the national and the local levels.

Our research

Our members

  • Professor Ismene Gizelis (Director of the Centre) - expert in post-conflict transitions and development, women’s security and rights, and international development.
  • Dr Royce Carroll - expert in democratic institutions, role of representation in the policy-making process, and politics of coalitions within and between political parties.
  • Dr Florian Kern - expert in development and informal political institutions, African politics.
  • Professor Jonathan Slapin - expert in representation and institutions in Europe and parliamentary democracy.
  • Professor Catherine de Vries - expert in representation and public opinion in Europe and Latin America, political corruption, survey and experimental methods.
  • Professor Alexandra Hennessy - expert in European Union politics, the design of novel EU institutions, the euro crisis, pension market integration, and representation in Europe.
  • Dr Martin Steinwand - expert in international development, civil conflict and formal analysis of political institutions.


Numerous international collaborators in the development, democracy and policy fields often join our team, and we also work closely with experts from the Institute for Analytics and Data Science, the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering and the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Our events

We organise training, workshops, and seminars where we share the results of our research with the policy community to enhance political representation before, during and after crises.

  • February 2018: The Electoral System, the Party System, and Electoral Accountability - Christopher Kam presented some of his latest research with Anthony Bertelli and Alexander Held, and spoke to graduate students about publishing strategies for PhD students in political science.
  • July 2017: Parliamentary reporting workshop with Tim Fenton.

Study with us

We offer a number of postgraduate research courses in our Department of Government.

Contact us

If you'd like to know more about the work we do, or have any questions, contact Professor Ismene Gizelis at