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HEROES: Helping Each other with Research On Empirical Subjects

HEROES is a group of empirical minded PhD students. HEROES stands for Helping Each other with Research On Empirical Subjects. The assumption behind HEROES is that we are all in the same boat - we will arrive quicker at the beach by paddling together.

Every other week we either discuss an article, present our own research, listen to invited speakers and/or help each other with doing research.


  • Meeting 1
  • Date: Wednesday 19th October 2016
  • Time: 16:00 - 18:00
  • Venue: Government Common Room (5B.303)

Mailing List

To join the mailing list for up-to-date information on the meetings, please contact one of the HEROES organisers.


In 2016-17 HEROES is organised by Christine Stednitz, , Marina Petrova, and Katariina Mustasilta.

2016-17 HEROES Programme

  • Wed 19 October: Farzad Vaziri: Introduction to Survival Models
  • Wed 2 November: Dr Patrick Lown: Experimental Research Design
  • Wed 16 November: BrilĂ© Anderson: Survey Design

Programme Archive