Video brief



If your video requires interviews, interviewees will need to block out time in their diary for the filming. A simple interview would normally take no more than an hour of their time.

Attending the filming

We like having our client(s) around on the day of filming. You can be reassured that we are covering the right ground and together we can take a view on any interesting new 'angles' that come up. Usually our clients find it interesting and rewarding too.

How long will it take to make the video?

It goes without saying that the more time you allow for making a video, the better it will be. At your end, you’ll need to put time in certain people's diaries for briefing or filming or approvals. At our end, some special arrangements nearly always need to be made prior to filming, that take time to sort out: finding locations, researching content and contributors or getting consent from people or parental consent from parents of any under 16s.

Will there be any costs?

The production of videos sometimes requires departments to pay for the video or additional costs. If a video is worked into the central videographer's schedule there will not be a charge for video production. However, additional costs will need to be covered by the department that has requested the video. This includes any transport needed for the videographers, vouchers to reward any students/extras who are needed for filming and any external videography services. Some videos will not be approved for the Videographer schedule and departments may be recommended to approach the Multimedia Centre, which does charge a fee for video production. This is a not-for-profit service and is usually much better value than using an external production company.

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