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Financial Support

At Essex we offer a package of support, including bursaries, loans and funds if you are struggling, low on cash or you find yourself in unexpected financial difficulty. We also offer plenty of tools and tips showing you how you can be more efficient with your finances. We will help you to forget about your money worries, so that you can get on with your studies.

Fund Who it's for
Hardship Fund UK, EU and international undergraduate and postgraduate students from low income households (up to £35,000) who are experiencing unforeseen and unexpected financial difficulty, including if they have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The fund will be awarded based on individual circumstances to assist with core living costs and to help you to continue with your studies.
University costs that the fund can be used to support include:
  1. Living costs - to assist with core living costs such as utility bills, food and travel
  2. Residential costs - to assist with the cost of rent
  3. Equipment / digital costs - to assist with the cost of digital, IT equipment or to secure access to internet
  4. Childcare - the Childcare Fund provides additional financial support towards childcare costs
Disabled Student's Allowance (DSA) Laptop Contribution Fund The University offers a £200 contribution towards the cost of laptops for students whose disability means that they need one for study and who are from a low household income.
Late Funding Loan UK Home funded undergraduate and postgraduate students who are eligible and have applied for funding from Student Finance or the NHS, but have not yet received any payments.
Care Leaver and Estranged Bursary Students who were in UK local authority care before starting their course at Essex or are genuinely estranged from both parents/carers and postgraduates, who were under 25 at the start of their course.
Refugee Bursary Undergraduate and postgraduate students with UK refugee status, or who are children of UK refugees.

There are some great tools and tips to support you with your finances throughout your studies and beyond!


Need advice about taking control of your money? Keep your finances on track by getting access to free online money management modules from Blackbullion.

Blackbullion is an easy-to-use resource designed to help you take control of your financial future. You'll develop your money management skills and maximise the value of bursaries and other financial aid.

Available free of charge to all students, just register with your University of Essex email address. If who don’t yet have a University email address, you can use the University Code 'ESSEXOD'. There are plenty of modules to work through during your spare time, some of which include:

  • Preparing for Uni
  • Student Loan Repayment Estimator
  • Budgeting and Budget Calculator
  • Debt
  • 21 Days of Savings
  • Money choices
  • Credit Cards

Other support

The University and other external organisations offer financial support to get you through your studies, check out other ways of funding your University for current students at the links below: