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Car sharing

car sharing

The University of Essex online car-sharing database now has more than 300 members of University staff, and students, who are looking to share their journey to our Colchester and Southend Campuses.

Drivers from across Essex, Suffolk and beyond have now signed up to the scheme, and are waiting to hook up with a car share buddy who lives nearby.

Online car share database

Sign up online to participate. When you register your details, the system supplies you with a number of suitable matches, and a useful map will help you pinpoint different locations so that you can find a car sharer near to where you live.

Benefits of car sharing

Car sharing is environmentally friendly and saves you money on fuel and parking charges. It also reduces wear and tear on your vehicle and makes it easier for all car users to park at our University.

If you share a ten-mile return journey with one other person you could save around £4 per day. That's almost £90 per month if you travel in every day, or £1,000 per year!

Please contact our Transport Co-ordinator if you have any queries about the car share scheme.