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The STEM Centre

Artist's impression of the finished STEM centre

Artist's impression of the finished STEM centre.

Our ambitious Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) Centre will transform Square 1 into a dedicated science square with new collaborative learning spaces and interdisciplinary teaching facilities.

Our STEM Centre is expected to be completed by December 2017 and will be fitted out and ready for teaching in early 2018.


The £13.2m teaching centre will include a versatile, 180-seat wet lab for Biological Sciences students and a 200-seat IT-rich exploratory learning space to help students from across the Faculty of Science and Health work collaboratively.

The accessible building will also include social space and a café, perfect for business meetings and for outreach with schools.

Live progress

The image automatically updates every second with the current view from our live webcam - no need to refresh your page.

Centre layout

  • The first floor, which will be under podia 1 will contain 180 seats across three teaching zones.
  • The second floor at podia level will include a flexible exhibition space and a reception area along with a café and 24hr vending machine area.
  • The third floor (one floor above the podia) will include a flexible exploratory learning space and an 80 seat computer teaching lab.
  • The top floor will be the new home to our maths department.
  • The roof will be fitted with photovoltaic solar panels which will generate power for the whole building.
  • The basement will also house an energy efficient combined heat and power generator.


  • Early October: the top soil will be removed from the site and taken away by truck to be stored for future landscaping projects.
  • Mid October: the subsoil will start to be excavated and will be taken away by truck.
  • Late October: the hoardings will be put up around Square 1 cordoning off the middle area of Square 1 and shutting off access to the bridge. Signage will be put up with information on the best routes around the site.
  • October and November: the concrete podia of Square 1 will be cut back to make space for the STEM Centre itself.
  • November and December: the pilings will be put in place and the foundations laid.
  • December and January: the frame of the building will start being constructed.

Campus disruption

Our STEM Centre development will be an exciting addition to our Colchester Campus, but to get there we will need the cooperation and patience of all our staff and students who are based on the Square 1 area.

We will communicate any really noisy work as soon as we can.

Further information

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact our Estates Helpdesk on ext 2959 email