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ESSEXLab Mobile

ESSEXLab Mobile allows you to conduct your studies in offices, schools or other institutions, using local Wi-Fi networks or our own ad-hoc wireless network to connect to web-based studies hosted remotely or on the laptop server.

You can also conduct experimental or survey research in public, on the street, in people's homes or in developing countries, using offline apps or a 4G wireless connection.

Lab equipment

Our lab consists of:

  • 32 Apple iPads with 3G and 4G connections, plus optional security tethers and cases
  • 2 iPad carry cases, each for 16 iPads
  • a wireless router
  • a server laptop and mobile printer

The lab is available for research and teaching by University staff and PhD students.

Inspire your students

Use ESSEXLab Mobile in your teaching for classroom experiments for courses in game theory, economics, psychology, negotiation, politics, for example, and other forms of classroom participation.

A case study

For a course in game theory in the Department of Government, students used iPads to participate in an online experiment, playing simple games such as 'matching pennies'. Afterwards, the lecturer showed graphics of the different strategies used by different individuals, and how collective behaviour converged to a game theoretic equilibrium.

Similar experiments can be easily set up via an online interface, using Veconlab or Behavery.

Using the lab

If you would like to use the lab for research or teaching, please contact the Lab Manager.