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ESSEXLab Summer School courses

ESSEXLab offered two courses through the Summer School for researchers interested in learning more about doing experiments in the social sciences:



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Event archive

  • 2016

    • 27 October: Evaluating Democracy Assistance through Randomised Social Experiments - Paulina Pospieszna (University of Pozna)
    • 8 November: Motivated Reasoning and the Constraining Power of Prior Opinions - Gabrile Spilker (University of Salzburg)
    • 12 November: A friendly introduction to social science experiments (Festival of Social Sciences)
    • 18 May: Alex Wenz (Institute for Social and Economic Research) - Does a Distractive Environment Affect the Data Quality of Mobile and PC Web Surveys?
    • 11 May: Inigo Hernandez - title to be confirmed.
    • 5 May: Dr Nadine Chlass (University of Turku) and Dr Alita Nandi (Institute for Social and Economic Research) - The self-enforcing cognitive effects of gender discrimination.
    • 29-30 April: Public Opinion and Foreign Aid: Methodology and Policy Perspectives (.pdf)
    • 28 April: Professor Gabriella Montinola (University of California) - Does foreign aid crowd out local civic engagement? Experimental evidence from the Philippines.
    • 14-15 April: Experiments in Foreign Aid Research: Views from Donor and Recipient Publics - University of California, Washington
    • 16 March: Dr Patrick Nolen (Department of Economics) - Time Discounting, Temptation, and Procrastination: Which Matters for Educational Outcomes?
    • 9 March: Dr Claire Delle Luche (Department of Language and Linguistics), presented by Stephen Walters - Normalising a picture database for English.
    • 2 March: Miro Sirota (Department of Psychology) - Bayesian Inference from Experience: Automatic or Effortful?
      Marie Janchich (Department of Psychology) - Are women less good at inhibiting their intuitions?
    • 25 February: Sergio Lo Iacono (Department of Sociology) - Social Embeddedness and Generalised Trust: An Experimental Test of the Spillover Effect.
      Dan Redhead (Department of Psychology) - The Focal Actor Exchange Game: Measuring the effects of Prestige and Dominance on Network Structure and Position.
    • 19 February: Dr Steve Samuel (Department of Language and Linguistics) - Visual Perception in Mono- and Bilinguals.
      Jordi Asher (Department of Psychology) - Perceptual Learning and Plasticity in the Visual Cortex.