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Fees and funding

Study abroad fees

If you're starting your undergraduate degree in 2017-18 the following fees will apply when you go abroad.

Year abroad

If you spend a full year abroad:

  • you won't pay tuition fees to Essex for that year
  • you won't pay tuition fees to your host university

Term abroad

If you spend a term abroad:

  • you will pay tuition fees to Essex
  • you won't pay tuition fees to your host university

If you're starting your undergraduate degree in 2018-19 the following fees will apply when you go abroad.

Year abroad

If you spend a full year abroad:

  • you'll only pay 15% of your tuition fee to Essex for that year
  • you won't pay tuition fees to your host university

Term abroad

If you spend a term abroad:

  • you will pay tuition fees to Essex
  • you won't pay tuition fees to your host university

Funding and scholarships

There are many scholarships and funding opportunities available to you if you're going abroad. We also offer help on budgeting for your time abroad. Please note funding is not guaranteed for students and terms and conditions apply.

We offer a range of bursaries and travel grants designed to help if you're planning to travel to support your research or studies or to take part in a short-term international experience programme.

Funding administered by Essex Abroad

  • Erasmus grant – Europe

    Erasmus+ logo

    The European Commission’s flagship programme, ERASMUS+, generously provides funding for students of any nationality, who are studying (3-12 months in duration) or undertaking a traineeship (2-12 months in duration) at Erasmus+ partner institutions within Europe. Students do not need to apply and Essex Abroad will contact you if you are eligible.

  • Swiss-European Mobility Agreement grants

    If you are planning to study in Switzerland you may be eligible to receive up to 1,800 CHF (Swiss Francs) per semester directly from the Swiss partner university. Please review our exchange finder (search for Switzerland) for more information.

  • Erasmus grant – outside of Europe

    Erasmus+ logo

    Our University has been selected to participate in the European Commission flagship programme for Erasmus+ outside of Europe, encouraging further international exchange of students between the University of Essex and partner countries. This now means our University can offer a limited number of Erasmus grants to selected students visiting Erasmus+ KA107 Partner Institutions.

    Information for students

    Erasmus+ grants for students are available for the following institutions in 2018-19:

    • La Trobe, Australia – up to €6,950 – priority will be given to students from Nursing, Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Sports Therapy
    • Massey University, New Zealand - up to €6,950 – priority will be given to students studying Sports Science / Exercise Science and related disciplines

    For further enquiries contact

  • Banco Santander scholarship

    This scholarship is awarded to students going to study in the following eligible countries:

    • Argentina
    • Belgium
    • Brazil
    • Chile
    • China
    • Colombia
    • Germany
    • South Korea
    • Mexico
    • Poland
    • Portugal
    • Singapore
    • Spain
    • Uruguay
    • USA

    The award of the scholarships will be competitive and awards will be made on the basis of academic merit. The award is up to £1,000 for students going away for full academic year or £500 for students going away for 1 term.

    Students who have been allocated to the above countries will be notified if they are eligible and do not need to apply. Terms and conditions apply.

  • Essex Abroad bursary

    The grant is valued up to £1,000 and will be awarded based on students’ 1st and 2nd Year grade average. It's only for students going away for a full academic year. No application is needed, students will be notified if they qualify. Eligible partner institutions for which this bursary is available are:

  • Chinese government scholarship

    The Chinese government offers a two year programme of study for undergraduates.

    • Year one: learning Chinese. This year won't count towards your Essex degree result. Zero fees are due for this year.
    • Year two: study courses related to your degree subject in Chinese. This is treated as a standard year abroad except tuition fees will be owed to Essex for this year at the designated 'away' rate. This year will count towards your final degree results.

    The scholarship covers all living expenses, accommodation while in China as well as tuition fees payable to the Chinese university. Travel to/from China and visa fees aren't included and you must pay for these yourself.

    How to apply and deadline

    Please contact Essex Abroad office before end of November 2017 for more information:

    Further information

    You must commit to spending two years in China, as it’s not possible to leave the programme early.

    If you have any questions, please email or see further guidance on the study in China website.

Funding administered by other organisations

You'll need to apply to the relevant organisation for these funding opportunities. For any advice beforehand, please contact us.

In addition to the list of external funding below, you can also visit the scholarship portal to see additional scholarships that you may be eligible for.

For students going to: Funding
Worldwide Student Finance England (SFE) Travel Grant
Various Rotary Scholarships
France Entente Cordiale Scholarship (for postgraduate students)
Germany DAAD One - various opportunities for both undergraduates and postgraduates
USA British Association for American Studies Awards
USA BUNAC Educational Scholarship Trust (BEST) Travel Awards
USA BEST Scholarships
USA Fulbright awards
USA US Scholarship finder
USA or Canada BUTEX Scholarships
Australia World Nomads - Travel Documentary Scholarship
Australia Gerald Frank Brown Scholarship
China British Council – Fujian Scholarship
China Generation UK – China Academic Scholarships – British council
China Nankai University – Chinese Government Scholarship
China University of Nottingham Ningbo China – CTU Scholarship Exchange
Hong Kong British Council Hong Kong - Scholarships for Excellence
Japan Daiwa Foundation
Japan JASSO - Student Exchange Support Programme (students are nominated by the host university in Japan)
Amman, Jordan The Qasid Arabic Institute Annual Scholarship Programme
Mexico Merit Award for International Students
New Zealand Dream NEW Scholarship
Singapore DUO-Singapore
South Korea DUO-Korea
Thailand DUO-Thailand
Europe GoEuro European Study Abroad Scholarship will award ten scholarships of €2000 each to outbound students, enrolled at the University of Essex, planning to do a study abroad program in Europe.