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Erasmus+ is a European programme managed by the British Council, which provides funding opportunities for:

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Erasmus+ grants

Erasmus+ may provide you with a financial grant if you study abroad at an eligible partner institution in the EU or a partner outside of the EU within the Erasmus+ outside of Europe programme.

The grant is a contribution towards the costs of living abroad. In 2018-19 the grant rates range from €300-350 per month depending on the country you choose. The total is calculated based on the number of months you're going abroad for, the grant rate set by the UK National Agency, and will be paid in two instalments.

An additional grant of €120 per month may apply for disadvantaged students including students with a disability and/or students from households with an annual income of £25,000 or less (as assessed by the SFE).

How to apply

You don’t have to apply for Erasmus + grant and Essex Abroad will contact you directly with all the necessary information if you are eligible. The Erasmus + grant timeline (.pdf) gives you detailed information about when you will be receiving your grant and what documents you will have to provide and when.

Receiving your grant

If you're studying abroad for a full year, you'll receive your grant in two instalments. For 2017-18 the instalments were as follows:

  • 80% will be paid at the start of your time abroad once you have signed your grant agreement.
  • 20%* will be paid when we receive confirmation of the end of your studies.

*The Erasmus+ grant is calculated according to your specific dates of study. If these differ to the originally intended start and end date detailed in your grant agreement, your final instalment may no longer represent an equal 80-20 split.

The grant will be paid to your nominated UK bank account. When planning your budget, remember that the Erasmus+ grant is a contribution to the costs you’ll incur abroad and is not intended to cover your whole period of studying abroad.

Terms and conditions

If you do not complete your year abroad, or withdraw from your year abroad, you will be asked to repay your grant in full.

Contact us

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