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Academic information

While abroad you must take courses in the same discipline that you are studying at Essex. When you get back your achievements at your host university will be integrated into your marks at Essex and will count towards your final degree result.

Study abroad module choice

Approval of your studies

Your departmental Study Abroad Officer:

  • can give you advice about your choice of modules
  • must approve your final choices

If you want to make changes to your selection you must notify your departmental officer before the add/drop deadline for course changes at your host institution, as your study plan will need to be re-approved. Taking unapproved courses could result in you receiving marks of zero at Essex.

General guidelines

You need to enrol on enough modules to constitute a full course load at your host university. All marks will be counted towards your final year or term abroad grade. If you need help understanding what comprises a full course load at your host institution, please contact us.

You must choose modules that are graded - ie ones that give you a numerical mark or grade, rather than a simple pass or fail. Pass/fail modules cannot be counted towards your Essex credits.

Not all universities use the same terminology for each subject area and may group subjects in different ways to Essex. Think laterally when researching suitable courses at your host institution and use keyword searches.

You can take outside options at the discretion of your departmental Study Abroad Officer.

Students taking "and/with" degrees

If you're studying for an and/with degree (eg BA Politics and Modern Languages), at least a quarter of your courses while abroad must be in each of your subjects.


You should keep all of your marked coursework and any handbooks from your time abroad as your department at Essex may need to see these items.

Transcripts and conversion to Essex marks

In most cases these will be sent directly to us by your host university at the end of your study period. Some host institutions may require you to order a transcript from them to send to Essex. If you receive your transcript directly, make sure you provide a copy to the Essex Abroad office. Your marks will be converted back onto your Essex grade.