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Every year we welcome exchange and study abroad students from all over the world to spend one term or a full year studying at Essex. Here’s what some of our visiting students had to say about their experience.

  • Facundo Herrero-Clar, Erasmus+, Argentina 2017

    Thanks to an Erasmus+ scholarship which covered most of my costs, I spent the spring/summer term studying at the University of Essex in 2017. My time at Essex was really interesting and gave me a different perspective of university education to add to my studies at my home university in Argentina. I enjoyed having the freedom to study and research what I was interested in, and the lecturers were really supportive and encouraging of this.

    Outside of my studies, I met with members of the Royal Literary Fund on a number of occasions; this was really helpful as I began my first extended literary project. I even tried bell-ringing in a local church! After my studies, I was lucky enough to secure an internship for a local MP in the British Parliament, followed by an internship at the Argentine embassy in London which was a great end to my exchange at Essex and my time in the UK.

  • Misako Niiyama,Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan 2017

    I feel like a member of Essex, although for the first weeks I did get a little lost around the campus! I like the close relationship between teachers and students, it’s different to my home University. I am able to meet with my teachers before handing in assignments and get advice from them. My first semester passed so quickly but I’ve had a really great time at Essex.

  • Nguyen Vu Huong Mai, RMIT, Vietnam 2017

    Essex is such an international place, I don’t feel like a foreigner here - it’s so multicultural and I blended in quite quickly. I remember coming out of a class one evening and I saw that Square 3 was lit up with lanterns to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival which is something we celebrate in Vietnam. It felt like tasting a piece of home, I was so happy! I am sad to leave Essex but I do miss the food in Vietnam! I will be heartedly promoting Essex to RMIT students once I go home!

  • Marie-Theres Hellenkamp, Maastricht University, Netherlands 2017

    I chose Essex for my exchange because it has such good rankings and it had the courses I wanted to study. In Maastricht, most of the modules for my studies are focussed on the European Union, but here I was able to take modules on terrorism and conflict. The options were so diverse. I also loved Colchester, it’s so close to London but also to idyllic towns by the sea.