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Our current students tell you about their experiences of being an undergraduate at Essex. You can also find out what our graduates have been doing since they've left Essex.

Hear from our students

Emilia, a BSc Economics student, tells us about settling into life at Essex and the support she received from her department.

Gabrielle talks about why she chose to study at Essex, and her experience of meeting new people. She also tells us about the economics society and staff, and how they have helped her progress with her future career plans.

Olu talks about why he chose to study Financial Economics at Essex and how the course has helped him develop his understanding of the economy, business, and taxation. He also talks about experience as a frontrunner, volunteering, and being a member of the African Caribbean society.

Our student profiles

  • Amrit Jhita, BA Economics

    "Essex ticked all the boxes at the outset. It's known for its excellence in teaching, it's welcoming and wonderfully multicultural student body, active Students’ Union, exceptional standard in research that is reflected in our classrooms, academic conferences, and everyday conversations, impressive student satisfaction rate, and so much more."

    "Even more beneficially, the Department of Economics is one of the best in the country. If one considers all of these factors, it is clear that this University is a strong contender in its own right. It seems that I was meant to attend here."

    "All members of staff that I am in contact with are incredibly approachable and supportive. They are always willing to provide assistance with course material and also enjoy imparting guidance regarding matters of postgraduate study and career choices. The Department boasts a host of renowned professionals who truly are experts in their field, and as result, their passion is consistently reflected when they deliver their classes and lectures."

    "At Essex you are stretched to understand concepts from business/commerce, policy/government, international relations, for example, and then marry all this knowledge together in order to analyse and evaluate economic models and markets more comprehensively. My analytical capability has certainly improved since starting my degree which is a valuable asset to possess amongst today’s increasingly competitive graduates. Also, studying within a renowned Department means that the education I receive is nothing short of superb."

  • Eszter Ujj, BA Economics with Spanish

    "I chose to study at Essex for many reasons, among which I would highlight the excellent reputation of the Department of Economics, the truly international student community and the great flexibility my course has offered in terms of combining different fields of study and selecting optional modules."

    "My degree in Economics with Spanish has allowed me to acquire a thorough knowledge in the field of economics and at the same time made it possible to improve my foreign language skills. Over the years I gained a deep understanding of the core economic principles and quantitative techniques and, given the range of optional modules offered, I could also focus on the particular areas that I am most interested in – namely industrial and financial economics."

    "Spending my third year abroad in Spain offered the chance of gaining a first-hand experience of what the Spanish culture is like and contributed to broadening my horizons with regards to areas otherwise I would never have been able to."

    "One of the many highlights of my time at Essex was having the chance to work as a research assistant in the Department of Economics, which allowed me to develop practical research skills while also gaining an understanding of the research process. Moreover, I was particularly impressed by the invaluable advice and support I have received from the members of the Department throughout my studies."

    "To complement the knowledge I acquired as part of my degree, I also joined the University’s Frontrunners scheme where I gained analytical, problem solving and communication skills. I believe that these experiences will prove to be beneficial when I apply for graduate positions after completing my studies."