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19 April 2017: Academic contributes to France’s Financial Stability Review

19 April 2017: Economics academic to talk at prestigious 7th Eubank Conference

03 April 2017: Professor Friederike Mengel Elected to the Council of the Royal Economics Society

27 February 2017: International visits by academics to economics department planned this year

02 February 2017: Bloomberg feature mafia research by economics academics

23 January 2017: Professor Friederike Mengel's Professorial Inaugural Lecture

12 January 2017: Remembering Sir Tony Atkinson

16 December 2016: Student works on innovative research project for UROP

07 December 2016: Senior Economist from the Bank of England talks to our students

05 December 2016: More time with Mum is best for kids' early development: New evidence from the UK cohort born in the early 2000s

30 November 2016: Economics academic visits China to give Smart Talk

10 October 2016: Former Essex economics academic wins Nobel prize

08 September 2016: The longer term impact of mothers' malnutrition on babies

22 August 2016: Essex welcomes six new lecturers to the Department of Economics

22 August 2016: Essex welcomes four new academics to the Department of Economics

10 August 2016: University of Essex once again one of the very best for student satisfaction

04 August 2016: Exceptional students receive Faculty scholarship

02 August 2016: Essex taking lead role on postgraduate training as part of ESRC-backed Doctoral Training Network

22 June 2016: Essex academic talks at the International Monetary Fund and Office of Financial Research

15 June 2016: Conference prepares our students for placements

14 June 2016: Academics in Economics receive grants for innovative research

24 May 2016: Did going to College help Michael Corleone?

11 April 2016: Professor Friederike Mengel appointed Associate Editor at the European Economic Review

01 April 2016: The twenty-sixth RES Easter Training School

31 March 2016: Do criminals trade short-term gain for long-term pain?

23 March 2016: Did going to College help Michael Corleone?

23 March 2016: Is austerity the right policy for the UK?

01 March 2016: Watch Gianluigi Vernasca's recent Professorial Inaugural Lecture, 'Should the UK leave the EU?'

11 February 2016: Professor Giovanni Mastrobuoni appointed associate editor of Economica

27 January 2016: Essex academic builds links in China

27 January 2016: Professor Friederike Mengel appointed co-editor of the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

09 November 2015: 2015/16 PhD Job Market Candidates

08 October 2015: The Lipsey Lectures Series Celebrate Leading Research in Economics

06 October 2015: Prof Sheri Markose to be a speaker at the 2015 ECMI Conference at the National Bank of Belgium

01 October 2015: Should we help companies tailor prices to your wage packet?

11 September 2015: Dr Jonathan Halket has been published in 'The Conversation'

19 August 2015: Giovanni Mastrobuoni's research on the impact of organised crime on the economy

03 August 2015: Economics students secure placements with top organisations

16 July 2015: Sheri Markose on the Greek Crisis

12 June 2015: 50th Anniversary

12 May 2015: Lipsey Lectures in Economics, May 2015

08 April 2015: The Department's Carlos Carrillo Tudela has published an article in the San Francisco Federal Reserved Bank

31 March 2015: Binge drinking costs UK £4.9 billion a year - Essex economist helps calculate impact

20 March 2015: Giving social science a voice

18 March 2015: The future of social science after the general election

02 February 2015: David Dimbleby chaired panel discussion as part of 50th celebrations

19 December 2014: Outstanding REF results for Economics

19 December 2014: Royal Economic Society chooses Essex

01 December 2014: New Economics Discussion Papers

01 December 2014: 2014/15 Job Market Candidates

03 November 2014: Doctoral training partnership to support hundreds of PhD students

09 October 2014: High achieving students attend prestigious business event

23 September 2014: Essex Workshop on Statistical Techniques in Social Sciences

04 August 2014: Professor Sheri Markose at the Joint OECD-ECLAC Workshop

16 June 2014: Roy receives MBE for outstanding contribution to University of Essex

05 June 2014: Hard times have little impact on attitudes to immigration - study

13 May 2014: Mahmoud Fatouh wins GTA Prize

31 March 2014: Professor Tim Hatton Mentioned in the Daily Mail

04 February 2014: The Department of Economics Patrick Nolen has had his work published in the Economist

31 January 2014: Leading the way on the future of economics

31 January 2014: Economics Department Professor Sheri Markose Appointed to European Science Foundation Panel

22 January 2014: Explore your curiosity with new Masters courses in economics

13 January 2014: Essex academic on WAMC

15 November 2013: Workshop on Semi Parametric Econometrics

31 October 2013: Social science graduates breaking the stereotype

16 September 2013: Masters student collaborating on project with Haven Gateway

05 September 2013: Talk by Sheri Markose on: Systemic Risk Analysis in Finance: New Approaches and Tools

08 August 2013: New colleagues for the new academic year

01 May 2013: Professor Markose to speak at annual conference of Banco Central do Brazil

22 March 2013: National recognition for Professor Marco Francesconi

14 March 2013: Workshop focused on labour, education and health economics

14 March 2013: Helping our students to get employment in international organisations

12 March 2013: Annual searching and matching workshop

07 March 2013: Visit day welcomes prospective economics students

04 March 2013: Professor Andrea Galeotti awarded best Alumni from Tinbergen Institute (1999-2008)

01 March 2013: New MSc Computational Economics Financial Markets and Policy

25 February 2013: Dr Friederike Mengel receives Economics Journal Referee Prize

21 February 2013: Dr Helen Weeds offers expertise on communications

24 January 2013: The challenge for monetary policy - department careers talk

23 January 2013: Dr Helen Weeds invited to BBC Trust / Reuters Institute workshop in Oxford

10 January 2013: Talk by Simon Price, Senior Advisor at the Bank of England

17 December 2012: New MSc Courses in the Department of Economics

12 December 2012: Professor Sheri Markose to co-host a Roundtable Discussion at the House of Commons

12 December 2012: Workshop on Experimental Research; 31 May - 1 June 2013; Sponsored by the ESSEXlab

13 September 2012: After the gold rush: the impact of the Olympics on the economy of the East of England

05 September 2012: Welcome to new members of staff in our Department

24 August 2012: Broadcast highlights: Professor Sheri Markose interviewed in New Scientist about her financial network model

14 August 2012: Junior Fellowship Award 2012-13 success for research student

30 July 2012: Broadcast highlights: Working through pregnancy can lead to low birth-weight

28 July 2012: Working through pregnancy can lead to low birth-weight, study finds

26 June 2012: Professor Sheri Markose joins Jean-Claude Trichet to speak at the Kiel Institute

25 June 2012: Call for papers - Financial Institutions and Economic Growth in Historical Perspective

12 June 2012: Professor Andrea Galeotti wins IJET Lionel McKenzie Prize for 2011

22 May 2012: Students compete in the Econometric Game 2012

04 May 2012: Economics and Music Conference

09 February 2012: Broadcast highlights

20 January 2012: Essex-Konstanz Search and Matching Workshop Call for Papers

17 January 2012: New research funding for PhD students

15 January 2012: New Faculty of Social Science Masters Scholarship launched for 2012 entry

04 January 2012: Girls do better in single-sex classes, researchers find

16 December 2011: Professor Sheri Markose invited to the International Monetary Fund 6-9 December 2011

16 December 2011: Prof Smith talks about Ram-Man to BBC Radio 4

27 October 2011: Professor Eric Smith interviewed by BBC Essex

27 October 2011: Young Professor wins Leverhulme Trust prize in recognition of outstanding achievements

25 October 2011: Social Network study wins €1 million grant

17 October 2011: Economics graduate in top 10 most influential women in science and technology in Africa

11 October 2011: Professor Markose contributes to 2011 Global Economic Symposium

23 August 2011: Department of Economics Welcomes New Staff

02 August 2011: Graduation 2011

07 July 2011: 26 July: Free business breakfast seminar - From Athens to the A12

09 June 2011: Dr Edna Solomon of the Dept of Economics at Essex has been awarded Fifth Prize of Economic Research of Ensayos Revista de Economia

06 June 2011: Economics Festival 2011 - Trento

26 May 2011: Markets and Networks Conference

11 March 2011: Economics in the media: why speed dating may not work

04 March 2011: Essex Loyalty Discounts

25 February 2011: Professor Sheri Markose to advise the Financial Stability Division of the Reserve Bank of India

18 February 2011: Economics at Essex features in new ESRC Doctoral Training Centre

17 February 2011: Dr Patrick Nolen speaks to BBC Essex about Welfare Reform Bill

10 February 2011: Dr Kate Rockett has been awarded a grant of £20,600 by the European Commission

28 January 2011: Head of Department interviewed on local radio about fall in GDP

16 December 2010: Outstanding achievement by recent undergraduate student

17 November 2010: Department of Economics Facebook Page

10 November 2010: Best Conference Paper Prize awarded to Luis Hernandez

19 October 2010: Nobel Prize Winners at Economics and Music Conference

12 October 2010: Student Representatives Wanted

01 October 2010: Roy Bailey Awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award

30 September 2010: Research Grant Awarded to Dr Holger Breinlich and Dr Patrick Nolen

08 June 2010: Economics News Archive

26 May 2010: Sheri Markose on "Operationalizing Systemic Risk Monitoring" at the IMF in Washington DC on the 26-29 May 2010

20 May 2010: Economics and Music Conference 2010

15 May 2010: Professor Andrea Galeotti has received almost £100,000 of funding from the ESRC

12 May 2010: Annual photographs

04 May 2010: New Economics Faculty Appointments 2010-11

16 March 2010: 3rd Year Student Presenting Paper at International Conference 2010, Poland

16 February 2010: Essex represented in International Economy Congress.

08 February 2010: Bogdan Gogulan (BSc Economics 2005) speaks at One Young World Summit, London 2010.

22 July 2009: Prizes for Economics Students