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Graduate profiles

Our graduates make an impact on the world once they leave Essex. They have successful careers in a number of areas - below are just some of their stories.

Alumnus of the Year 2015

Heiko Hesse is a leading economist and ex-Borussia Dortmund who studied economics at Essex. Since studying with us, he has gone on to work for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) based in Washington DC.

What Sam did next

Sam tells us how his time at Essex helped him get a job as a consulting associate and how an inquisitive mind will help students get their dream job.

What Rebecca did next

Economics graduate Rebecca Fordham talks about her time at Essex. She offers recent graduates advice on how to stand out during interviews and why the empirical content of the economics course at Essex proved to be invaluable when she was looking for a job.

What Samra did next

Samra tells us about her role as a consulting associate and remembers her time at Essex, her favourite lecturers, and why living and learning on campus was such a great experience.

Undergraduate profiles

  • Rasif Alekperov, BSc Economics 2016

    Rasif is now studying MSc Economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

    "I decided to study at Essex due to the excellence in the department's research. I enjoyed the variety of courses in different fields of economics and being taught by world-class researchers."

    "The department gave me the excellent foundation for my future studies and research. Various enjoyable discussions about economics and the great guidance that I received from the members of the department were invaluable."

  • Gabriele Gudonaviciute, BSc Economics 2013

    Gabriele now works as a Marketing Executive for Flightglobal.

    “I chose Essex as it was among the best universities for economics in the UK. The skills I gained prepared me well for the job market. The fact that my course included working extensively with data played a huge part in securing my role as a marketing executive.”

    "My time at Essex helped me grow significantly as a person and it was through activities such as running the Economics society that I developed networking, organisational and leadership skills, which are highly valued by employers."

  • Kate McGarry, BSc Financial Economics 2012

    "I chose to study at Essex because the Department of Economics and Essex Business School are both well recognised in league tables. In addition, the Colchester Campus location was far enough away from home to mean that I could stay at Essex but close enough to come home without any long journeys."

    "In my first-year, I lived in The Towers, which ensured I settled in very well and met lots of people straight away. Academically, I also found it easy as, in the first week, there were lots of events to meet others on your course, while the website was very useful for knowing your timetable and who your lecturers were going to be."

    "I found staff in my Department were very helpful, and someone was always available to help. My modules were also very enjoyable; I particularly liked International Money and Finance as the teaching and materials were very good, and I found the international aspect interesting as it demonstrated the effect on money in one country can have on another."

    "I am now a trainee accountant at A4G Accountants. This is very relevant to my undergraduate degree as it is based in the financial sector and many of my modules helping with my day-to-day understanding of the job. I would summarise my time at Essex as the best three years of my life so far."

  • Vaska Atta-Darkua, BSc International Economics 2010

    Shortly after graduating, Vaska won a place in the final of the national Graduate 100 Awards, which saw more than 13,000 graduates from over 70 universities compete. Vaska was then selected to join Ohal Ltd, a leading London-based marketing analytics company, as a marketing analyst.

    "I always wanted to spend my time at university developing both my academic and employability skills, and studying at Essex provided an excellent opportunity to do so. I joined the Frontrunners scheme and gained work experience at the UK Data Archive. I also became a member of the Residents’ Support Network where I developed both leadership and team-working skills."

    "I represented Essex in several enterprise competitions and gained experience in developing and presenting business plans. I also attended evening events where successful entrepreneurs would share their experiences of building their businesses from scratch."

    "The strong focus the University places on the employability skills of their students made me feel significantly less anxious about entering the world of work after graduation."

  • Oscar Muwanga, BSc Economics 2010

    Oscar now works in wholesale banking at Standard Chartered

    "Essex has one of the best Economics departments in England; it was a clear winner for me."

    "My course is very relevant to my current role. I work with financial markets and the products offered are familiar to me because of my background in economics."

    "Whilst I was at Essex, my communications skills improved, my cultural awareness was broadened and my analytical and quantitative abilities developed greatly while at Essex."

  • Nadejda Nikolova, BSc Economics 2009

    "Shortly after graduating, Nadejda was selected to join Citigroup’s graduate training scheme in London."

    "I chose to study at the University of Essex because it offered an extremely friendly and multicultural environment, where I would be able to learn with students from all over the world. In addition, the Department of Economics was one of the strongest in the UK and the Colchester Campus was in close proximity to London, which was ideal for me."

    "There was a vibrant community atmosphere on the campus and I knew that there was someone close by if I needed them, especially the members of staff from the Department who always went that extra mile to ensure you understood the lectures. I found my course taught me all the transferable skills needed to pursue a wide variety of career paths."

    "I enjoyed every moment I spent at Essex. I would advise everyone to get involved in as much as possible and to utilise all that is offered on campus. It really was an experience I will never forget."

  • Rachel Petty, BSc Economics 2008

    "Rachel is currently a Lead Practitioner at a school focusing on the pedagogy of teaching and learning."

    "The University contributed to my professional development by giving me a First Class degree result and a Distinction at Masters Level that allowed me to work in a university on postgraduate programmes."

    "Economics is a demanding degree subject and Essex provided me with the challenge and rigour I have needed for my career and my own postgraduate study."

    "The Economics Department was a good home to be in. The academic staff were helpful, knowledgeable and informative. The administrative staff were always helpful, supportive and lent that listening ear that students frequently need in their time at university."

Postgraduate profiles

  • Patryk Bronka, BSc Economics 2011, MRes Economics 2015, PhD Economics 2016

    "I chose to study at Essex as the Department of Economics has a strong reputation for research, particularly in the fields I am interested in, which include search and matching, and labour."

    "There is plenty of opportunities to get exposed to current research through seminars and various events, and the University itself provides very good support – funding, possibility to take part in additional training through Proficio etc."

    "What I enjoy most about my PhD is attempting to explain what impacts the behaviour of labour markets, and how and why firms and employees react to policy and market changes by building and estimating econometric models."

    "Formal training provided by my course and excellent research supervision are crucial to developing the skills that I need to conduct independent research. The Department and the University also provide training in soft skills and plenty of opportunities to build connections with people from different fields or institutions at various events."

  • Angelos Stenimachitis, MSc Economics 2013

    "I chose to study at Essex due to the excellent reputation of the Department of Economics and friends' recommendations of the University organisation and life."

    "The department lived up to its reputation and surpassed it. It combined academic excellence with people that were engaging, accessible, genuinely helpful and interested in students’ development."

    "The reputation of the University helped me get a very high response rate for my job applications and the knowledge and skills acquired during my time at Essex helped me land my first choice job where I have been ever since."

  • Pedro David Matos Serôdio, PhD Economics 2013

    "The Department of Economics is an excellent place to get involved in research, and the senior faculty were always receptive to discussing ideas. Students can be assured of access to some of the finest research minds in the country. Since graduating, I have held several teaching positions within the Department, and will soon be moving to the University of Warwick."

  • Domenico Tabasso, MSc Economics 2006, PhD Economics 2011

    "Essex is internationally renowned for its economics research. The Department is well connected around the world and some of the best economists come to Essex for seminars, conferences and workshops."

    "After graduating, I became an academic researcher and am now a research fellow at the University of Melbourne in Australia. Having a PhD from Essex has been crucial for entering the academic job market."