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How men and women react differently to risk and competition

Dr Patrick Nolen, discusses how men and women react differently to risk. There are also differences regarding competition: women shy away from it while men embrace it.

Why does society think owning a home is so important?

Dr Jonathan Halket tells us about the modules he teaches and his research into macroeconomics and housing. He explains why we should ask the "why" questions including why societies place such importance on owning a home.

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An introduction to economics

Dr Katharine Rockett looks at how trade and production occurs in economics. If you are interested in economics, our Introduction to Economics (EC111) module provides a broad overview of economics.

Methods of quantitative economics

Dr Ben Etheridge introduces you to the methods of quantitative economics and explains why this field defines the study of economics today. He also tells us that knowledge of quantitative economics and statistics might help boost your future salary, for our module Introduction to Quantitative Economics.

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