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We equip you with skills for the modern workplace. Whether you’re seeking graduate employment or starting your own business, we offer bespoke careers advice and a range of employability options to enhance your CV.

The University of Essex gives you the opportunity to study abroad. You can study overseas with all of our undergraduate courses, offering you a fantastic chance to experience a new culture and enhance your CV.

Why study abroad?

There are lots of reasons why you should consider studying abroad:

  • a year abroad shows employers that you’re mature, adaptable, organised and independent – exactly the type of candidate they’re looking to take on
  • it’s adds a further international dimension to your CV, preparing you to work in organisations across the globe
  • you can experience a new culture, new ways of working and even learn a new language
  • you can make friends and business connections in another country, widening your opportunities upon graduation

Adventure awaits at the University of Essex. Watch our latest video to see where studying abroad could take you.

How does it work?

Our study abroad programme is coordinated by Essex Abroad.

You spend the year before the final year of your degree at one of the University's many partner universities throughout the world. Your study at the overseas institution counts towards your final degree grade. For many of our study abroad placements, you won’t require knowledge of a foreign language, but you must meet certain academic eligibility requirements.

Find out where in the world you can study abroad.

We offer various scholarships and funding opportunities to help you with the costs of studying abroad.

How do I study abroad?

Essex Abroad will help you to plan your trip during your first and second years at Essex and will support you along the way by:

  • holding information sessions for first-year students during the autumn term and ongoing drop-in sessions for advice on the suitability of individual universities
  • arranging for final-year students who have just returned to Essex to provide first-hand accounts of the ups and downs of their experiences
  • giving you the chance to meet with exchange students from the country you’ll be visiting, who are spending their period of study abroad at Essex, to get their personal accounts of their home campuses and the differences between the British education system and their own

You may decide to study abroad when applying to study at Essex via UCAS, or you can make the decision in your first or second year once you’re here and settled in with us.

How can I find out more?

If you'd like to speak to a member of the Essex Abroad team, contact them via the online form