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Undergraduate student profiles

Essex students are courageous, determined and ambitious.

They don’t just want to learn how, but challenge why. They question convention and have the guts to share their opinions. They won’t be spoon-fed; they make up their own minds.

So don’t just take our word for it. Read our student and alumni profiles and see if Essex Business School is for you.

Aleksandra Milosheva - BSc Management and Marketing

Aleksandra is from Bulgaria. She won the Pearson Education First Year Management Essay Prize for 2014-15.

Headshot “I’ve always wanted to study in the UK, but the variety of employability and social opportunities on offer were what attracted me to Essex Business School. There’s so much to get involved with, from business societies, placements and the frontrunner internship scheme to regular social activities and help applying for jobs.

“My favourite modules have been Marketing Management, Organisational Behaviour, and Digital Marketing and Social Media. Not only are they educational, they’re practical, interesting, engaging and give me the creative freedom to think outside the box.”
Aleksandra Milosheva - BSc Management and Marketing

Qin Zhou - Bsc Accounting and Finance

Qin is from China.

Headshot “The wide range of optional modules mean I’ve been able to tailor my course to the things I find interesting and are best suited to my career goals. The new Colchester building and trading floor are also great places to learn.

“I found a job with Santander on campus during Welcome Week and also took on a summer internship with PwC. These were very different types of opportunities, but both taught me how to adapt my working style to suit different types of clients, whether they’re professionals or students.”

Huan Luo - Bsc Accounting and Finance

Huan is from China.

Headshot “When I came here I was really shy. I got in touch with the International Student Service and they gave me information about conversation clubs and English language support classes. When I had issues with the language gap, I talked with them and they gave me a lot of advice."

Myles Wood-McGrath - BSc International Business and Entrepreneurship

Myles is from Jersey and studied International Business with Entrepreneurship at our Southend Campus. Our common first year in business essentials has given him the confidence to follow a career in accounting.

“The accounting and finance modules in my first year gave me the knowledge I needed to secure a six month paid internship with State Street Corporation. I logged incomes and outgoings for multimillion pound funds, invested in numerous products and commodities. I processed payments and invoices and prepared bank reconciliations for senior accountants.

“After graduation, I’ve been offered a position as an Associate 1 Fund Accountant, where I’ll have the opportunity to study for my ACCA qualifications and become a Chartered Accountant.”