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Dr Sena Ozdemir (Southend Campus)

Position in departmentPostgraduate Programme Director, Southend Campus (Management Science and Entrepreneurship)
Staff positionLecturer in Marketing
Telephone01702 328380
RoomGB. 3.28

PhD (University of Portsmouth);
MA (University of Portsmouth);
BA (Istanbul Bilgi University)

Research interests
Primary research interest is on B2B marketing:
  • Strategic alliance relationships such as:
    • Inter- and intra-firm collaborations in new product development (NPD)
    • B2B new product/marketing/brand alliances and performance
    • Dark sides of interorganizational relationships 

Secondary research interest is on B2C marketing:

  • Brand purchase behaviour
Teaching responsibilities

Postgraduate Level Teaching:

  • BE553 - Principles of International Marketing

Undergraduate Level Teaching:

  • BE516 - Consumer Behaviour
  • BE500 - Principles of Markets, Marketing and Selling


Refereed Journal Articles:

Ozdemir, S., Kandemir, D. and Eng, T-Y. (2017). The role of horizontal and vertical new product alliances in responsive and proactive market orientations and performance of industrial manufacturing firms, Industrial Marketing Management, forthcoming.

Eng, T-Y., Ozdemir, S. and Michelson, G. (2016). Brand origin and country of production congruity: Evidence from the UK and China, Journal of Business Research, 69(12), 5703-5711.

Eng, T-Y. and Ozdemir, S. (2014), 'International R&D partnerships and intrafirm R&D-marketing-production integration of manufacturing firms in emerging economies'. Special issue on "Integrating marketing and operations for business sustainability" Industrial Marketing Management, 43, 32-44.  

Ozdemir, S. and Trott, P. (2009), ‘Exploring the adoption of a service innovation: A study of Internet banking adopters and non-adopters’, Journal of Financial Services Marketing, 13(4), 284-299.

Ozdemir, S., Trott, P. and Hoecht, A. (2008), ‘Segmenting Internet Banking Adopters and Non-Adopters in the Turkish Retail Banking Sector’, International Journal of Bank Marketing, 26(4), 212-236.

Ozdemir, S., Trott, P. and Hoecht, A. (2007), ‘New Service Development: Insights from an Exploratory Study into the Turkish Retail Banking Sector’, Innovation: Management, Policy and Practice, 9(3/4), 276-291.


Refereed Conference Proceedings:

Eng, T-Y., Ozdemir, S. and Kandemir, D. (2014). Firm Innovativeness of Vertical Alliance Portfolio in New Product Development, Global Marketing Conference, IMM-GAMMA joint symposium, July 2014, Singapore. 

Ozdemir, S, Poulis, K., Hart, S., Poulis, E. and Eng, T.Y. (2013). 'Market Orientation, Interfirm Cooperation and Firm Performance: An Examination of Mediation and Moderation Effects', European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC), June 2013, Istanbul, Turkey. 

Hart, S., Tagg, S. and Ozdemir, S. (2010). 'An Examination of CRM's Influence on the Evaluation and Success of New Products', International Product Development Conference, June 2010, Murcia, Spain.

Ozdemir, S. (2009). ‘Exploring the Anatomy of New Service Development: Insights into the Development of Internet Banking Services in the Retail Banking Industry’, International Entrepreneurship Forum, September 2009, Istanbul, Turkey (also presented at the 17th International Product Development Management Conference, June 2010, Murcia, Spain).

Hart, S., Ozdemir, S. and Tagg, S. (2009). ‘Marketing Capability, New Product Survival and New Product Development Success: An Exploration of Relationships’, Academy of Marketing Annual Conference, July 2009, Leeds, United Kingdom (Awarded Best Paper in Entrepreneurial and Small Business Marketing Track).

Ozdemir, S., Tagg, S. and Hart, S. (2008), ‘New Product Development vs. New Service Development ? An Analysis of Similarities and Differences between the Anatomy of the Innovation Processes in Services and Products: Processes, Stages and Evaluation Gates’, Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) Conference, September 2008, Florida, Orlando, U.S.

Ozdemir, S., Trott, P. and Hoecht, A. (2006), ‘Innovation in the Service Sector: Exploring the Adoption of Internet Banking Services in Turkey’, Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology (PICMET) Proceedings, Istanbul, July 2006, pp. 1947-1955. 

Additional information

Holds Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education Practice (PG Chep) - University of Essex

Methodology Used:

Structural equation modelling techniques

PhD Graduates:

Tashkin Vasfi "The role of marketing capabilities in strategic orientation of British non-profit organizations" (acted as the 2nd supervisor), 2016

Kausar Qureshi "The role of networks in ST/AD of marketing mix elements for B2B manufacturing SMEs" (acted as the 2nd supervisor), 2015

Shijie Zhang "An empirical assessment of the impact of brand trust on consumers' repurchase intention of national dairy products in China: A brand and consumer relationship perspective" (acted as the 1st supervisor), 2014

Chima Egbukole "An examination of the effects of proactive and responsive market orientations on NPD activities and new product success in UK pharmaceutical industry" (acted as the 1st supervisor), 2013

Syed Imad Shah "Entrepreneurial leadership in the public and private sector universities of Pakistan" (acted as the 2nd supervisor), 2013

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