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The Centre for Work, Organisation and Society (CWOS) is a leading centre for innovative and critical thinking about different aspects of the relationship between work, organisations and society.

Based at Essex Business School, we're a hub of interdisciplinary research with scholars drawing on ideas from the humanities and social sciences, and enriching study of management, marketing and organisations through bringing in perspectives from disciplines such as cultural studies, history, literary theory, philosophy and sociology.

Our work

We produce critical, social science research in areas such as:

  • contemporary working lives and those organisational practices that both enable and constrain them
  • methods and strategies applied to the research of work and its organisation
  • the complex and dynamic nature of contemporary society and, within it, the broadly understood processes of organising
  • the relationship between work, organisation and society

Upcoming events

We run weekly seminars as part of our many research activities:

  • 18 October - First Annual Heather Höpfl CWOS Seminar on Gender Culture and Organisation - Dr Louise Nash, Essex Business School
  • 1 November - For Formal Organization - Professor Paul du Gay, School of Management and Business at Royal Holloway University
  • 2 November - Post-Fordist Affect and the U.S. Working Class: Politics after America is Gone - Dr Joe Varga, Indianna University
  • 15 November - A Multilevel Perspective on Job Insecurity: Recent Findings and Future Research - Dr Beatrice Piccolo, University of Leuven
  • 22 November - Changes in Manufacturing Occupations Leading to Fast Growing Regions. Evidence From the EU Labour Markets - Dr Mariachiara Barzotto, Essex Business School
  • 29 November - A Tiered Approach to Strategic CSR Through Camouflage and Courtship Analogies - Professor Jo Crotty, School of Management and Business at Aberystwyth University, and Professor Diane Holt, Essex Business School
  • 6 December - Context, and the ‘Emic/Etic’ Contrast Revisited for International Business and Management Research - Dr David Guttormsen, BI Norwegian Business School

Past events

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