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19 February 2015: Persuading a heterogeneous audience (Management Science & Entrepreneurship Group)

Professor Andriy Zapechelnyuk from Adam Smith Business School

At 11:30 in The Forum TF.0.35 .

Picture of Andriy
Abstract: We study Bayesian persuasion of a heterogeneous audience. An example is a competitive market for a good with negative consumption externalities (e.g., cigarettes) in which a benevolent government can design an educational campaign about a payoff-relevant characteristic (e.g., the health risks of smoking). We allow for targeted persuasion in which the government can provide different information to different consumers and public persuasion in which all consumers are exposed to the same information. We establish equivalence of targeted and public persuasion, characterize optimal persuasion rules, and consider several applications.

About the Speaker:

Andriy received a PhD in Economics from State University of New York at Stony Brook in 2005. Before landing at Glasgow in 2013, Andriy spent a few years as a researcher at Hebrew University of Jerusalem and University of Bonn, and he has taught at Kyiv School of Economics and Queen Mary, University of London. Andriy's research interests include game theory & microeconomic theory: non-Bayesian decision making and adaptive learning, search, bargaining, and contracts. 

Ticket information:
Free to attend however booking is required 3 days before the event. Please email to reserve a place.

This event is open to the general public.

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