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03 September 2014: APATE: A Novel Approach for Automated Credit Card Transaction Fraud Detection using Network-Based Extensions (Management Science & Entrepreneurship Group)

Cristián Bravo from Research Fellow at KU Leuven & Instructor Professor at Universidad de Talca, Chile.

At 14:00 in TF.0.34 The Forum.

Pic of cristian Bravo
Summary: Essex Business School and the ESRC Business and Local Government Data Research Centre are pleased to invite all to participate in this seminar.

In the last decade, the ease of online payment has opened up many new opportunities for e-commerce, lowering the geographical boundaries for retail. While e-commerce is still gaining in popularity, it is also the playground of fraudsters who try to misuse the transparency of online purchases and the transfer of credit card records. This talk introduces APATE, a novel approach to detect fraudulent credit card transactions conducted in online stores. Our approach combines (1) intrinsic features derived from the characteristics of incoming transactions and the customer spending history using the fundamentals of RFM (Recency - Frequency - Monetary Value); and (2) network-based features by exploiting the network of credit card holders and merchants and deriving a time-dependent suspiciousness score for each network object. Our results show that both intrinsic and network-based features are two strongly intertwined sides of the same picture; and the combination of these two types of features leads to the best performing models which reach AUC-scores of more than 0.98.

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Free to attend please register at eventbrite (link below).

This event is open to the general public.

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