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06 December 2013: The 'what is' and 'how to' of qualitative interviewing: UPDATED (Management Science & Entrepreneurship Group)

Professor Rosalind Edwards from University of Southampton

At 14:00 in GB.2.18 video linked to 5N.3.9 in Colchester.

Prof ros edwards
Abstract: Interviews are ubiquitous in everyday life. Members of society devote time to asking questions, being asked them, and to watching tv shows about various kinds of people being asked questions. Indeed, modern society's been called the 'interview'' society; we know about and validate ourselves through stories about ourselves and our lives in answer to questions. In this seminar I will be discussing the general what and how processes of qualitative interviewing. I will cover: * the various forms of qualitative interview; * how you decide how many people to interview; * where interviewing can take place, from static or mobile to physically close or remote, and the importance of reflecting on the implications of the interview site you're working in static or mobile, physically close or remote; * the sorts of research tools you can us: talking, writing, seeing and creating; and * conducting interviews from starting to finishing. My intention is that the seminar will be of use for both new and experienced researchers across the social science disciplines.

About the speaker:

Rosalind is Professor in Sociology, and an elected member of the Academy of Social Sciences. She has researched and published widely in the areas of family life and policies, and is a founding and co-editor of the International Journal of Social Research Methodology. Ros sits on the Methods and Infrastructure Committee of the Economic and Social Research Council.

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Free to attend, please book via email to

This event is open to the general public.

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