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03 May 2013: Always a Crook or a Jack of All Trades? Informal origins, firm performance and conduct in the Balkans (Management Science & Entrepreneurship Group)

Dr Georgios Panos from University of Stirling

At 15:00 in Elmer Suite (Ground Floor).

picture of georgios Panos
Abstract: In the last two decades, the Balkan counties have been a laboratory of business environment and financial sector reform in the post-communist and the post-conflict transition processes. The main aim was to support formal business operation and performance, as well as to prevent the old norms of informal business conduct. Using data from more than 5,000 firms in eight Balkan countries we examine three hypotheses related to the performance and behaviour/conduct of firms that stemmed from the informal sector. Our results indicate that firms of informal origin perform better in terms of sales and employment growth, as well as exporting activity. Moreover, we find a moderate positive relationship between access to finance among informal firms and their performance, which becomes stronger for young firms of informal origin. We interpret this as in accordance with a competitive view of informality in the Balkans. Finally, we test whether informal forms of conduct persist among formerly informal firms. Our results strongly reject this hypothesis.

About the speaker:

Georgios joined the University of Stirling in February 2012 and has been previously employed at the University of Essex. He has served as a consultant to the World Bank in multiple occasions and has been affiliated with EU-funded projects. His research interests lie in the areas of Labour and Personnel Economics, Behavioural Economics and Finance, Economics of Entrepreneurship.

Ticket information:
All welcome and free ot attend, please email to book a place. Refreshment starts at 2.30pm.

This event is open to the general public.

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