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Seminars for 2017/18

10 May 2017: New Dynamics of Location and International Business (Management Science & Entrepreneurship Group)

Professor John Cantwell from Rutgers University, USA

At 11:00 in The Boardroom (Southend Campus).

Abstract: This seminar will revisit the eclectic paradigm (EP), as a conceptual framework for the theoretical analysis of international business (IB). One element of the EP is concerned with the location (L) advantages of places as host sites for IB activities. These L advantages have been shifting away from the strictly local or geographically confined factors towards the advantages of the international connectivity of a place. Some related changes in L advantages entail a shift from product-based to process-based specialisation, greater flexibility in moving along the value chain, and the increasing interaction between the levels of analysis (the sub-national, the national, and the regionally integrated area). L advantages co-evolve with the two other components of the EP, ownership (O) advantages (firm capabilities) and internalisation (I) advantages (network governance structures). I argue that we need to conceptualise the EP as (i) a high level abstract framework, (ii) an evolutionary and process-based framework, and (iii) a means of expressing the changing character of IB as the business environment shifts.

In this seminar, Professor John Cantwell presented his paper, titled, 'New Dynamics of Location and International Business'.

Seminar end time: 12 noon

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