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23 March 2017: Supply Chain Management in Fashion-Luxury Industry: Scientific Approaches for Practical Solutions (Management Science & Entrepreneurship Group)

Professor Max Schiraldi from "Tor Vergata" University of Rome

At 09:30 in GB.3.46.

Abstract: Fashion-luxury is considered one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide and supply chain management represents a crucial function to support the business growth at international level. On March, 23rd 2017 we will be discussing of demand forecasting, sourcing, logistics, production and distribution planning, inventory management and other key SCM activities together with Prof. M.M. Schiraldi, showing the potential improvements for fashion-luxury companies originating from the application of state-of-art techniques and of a scientific approach. This presentation is especially useful for fashion-luxury brand people working in the supply chain management as well as in the operations, logistics, production planning or IT divisions.

In this special half-day seminar event, Professor Max Schiraldi discussed key supply chain management activities to show potential improvements for fashion-luxury companies.

Seminar end time: 1pm

Short Biography: Max M. Schiraldi, PhD, MBA, is associate professor of Operations Management at Tor Vergata University in Rome, Italy. Previously to his academic career, he worked for a primary management consulting firm. Author of more than 80 scientific publications in the field, since the year 2000 he participated in more than 30 projects with industrial companies at national or international level, including primary international fashion-luxury brands for which he translated scientific operations management approaches in practical solutions to be applied in the Supply Chain Management division.

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