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Masters student profiles

What’s it like to study for your Masters at Essex Business School? Some of our postgraduate students and alumni explain why they chose Essex for their Masters and what they enjoy most about their courses.

Course profiles

Terence Quist – MSc Marketing and Brand Management

After completing his undergraduate degree with us, Terence, from London, took advantage of our alumni discount to study for his Masters.

  • Louisa Krasmann - MSc Accounting and Financial Management

    Louisa Krasmann

    Louisa is from Germany and studied MSc Accounting and Financial Management at our Colchester Campus.

    “It was important for me to study in the UK because British Masters degrees are taught over one year; I’ll graduate and start earning faster than if I studied elsewhere in the world, but I also get to experience living in another country.

    “Essex appealed to me because it’s a place where I can challenge assumptions. I’m encouraged to ask questions and make up my own mind. Essex Business School also has great links with industry and lots of international students. I love seeing people from different nationalities working together. I’ve met people from all over the world and they’ve each given me a different view on life.”

  • Tinuade Shodeinde – MSc Finance and Investment

    Tinuade is from Nigeria and studied MSc Finance and Investment at our Colchester Campus.

    Tinuade Shodeinde

    “I was worried before I came here; the UK education system is different from Nigeria’s and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I did my undergraduate degree in Nigeria and we were assessed by exams, but in England there are essays and coursework too. Now I’m here, I know I didn’t need to worry. There are lots of places to get help and everyone is really friendly. I’ve even enjoyed the essay writing!

    "What I like most about Essex Business School is that our lecturers understand that university is about the experience as well as learning. There are loads of opportunities to improve my skills outside of class, such as seminars with external speakers and employability support. The Student’s Union is amazing!”

  • Sun Dawei - MSc Accounting and Financial Management

    Sun Dawei - MSc Accounting and Financial Management

    Sun is from China and studied MSc Accounting and Financial Management to get a better job.

    “A degree from the UK carries a lot of prestige with employers in China. Essex Business School has an excellent reputation, so my Masters will help me to get a job back home when I graduate.

    "It’s certainly different studying in the UK, but I prefer the learning style. We use a lot of case studies in class to apply theory to a practical situation and I find this better supports my learning. In China, I was always taught by textbooks. Teaching is more practical at Essex.”

Student experience profiles

Some of our Chinese students share their experiences of living in the UK and studying at Essex Business School.