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East 15 Acting School application form

This application form allows you to apply for East 15 Acting School undergraduate and postgraduate courses at both our Loughton and Southend campuses. For more information about our courses, please visit the East 15 Acting School website.

Please note the following important information before starting your application:

  • You should familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions.
  • If you are applying to an undergraduate course (BA or Certificate in Higher Education) you will be unable to complete this form without having completed a UCAS application. If you have not already completed a UCAS application, please visit the UCAS website before completing this form (unless you are requesting an audition outside the UK, in which case, if you have not already applied through UCAS, please enter ‘overseas19’ in the UCAS number field).
  • Applicants to most of our courses are required to pay a non-refundable £55 audition fee prior to starting this application.
  • Applicants to BA Stage and Production Management, BA Creative Producing (Theatre and Short Film) or MA/MFA Theatre Directing need not pay this fee as an audition is not required (an interview will be required, however). Please choose option 4 in the audition box if you are applying for only one or more of these courses. If you wish to apply for any other course you will be asked to pay the audition fee and should tick option 1 in the Audition box and state your preferred audition date.
  • Applicants attending one of our overseas auditions are not required to pay the audition fee or apply through UCAS prior to an audition.
  • When making an application, you will need to upload a small passport-style photo of yourself that we can use to recognise you by. This does not need to be a professional photo and should NOT be a large file (no bigger than 3MB). JPEG and PNG files are preferred.
  • Applicants to postgraduate courses are encouraged to upload additional materials such as a CV.
  • Please note, it is not possible to upload media files (video, music etc).

Make sure that you have all the information you need to complete the form at the time of application as you will not be able to save it and submit at a later date. Also, make sure you have fully completed the form before clicking the Submit Form button as you will not be able to go back and make amendments later.

If you have any questions about applying to East 15 Acting School, please email us at

Already submitted your form? Don’t fill in this form again if you wish to amend any details you provided previously or if you wish to provide additional documents (e.g. passport-style photo). Instead, send us an email, making sure you include your full name, date of birth and details of the changes you need to make to your application.

All questions marked with a red star * are compulsory.

Please do not use angle brackets (example: < or >) in the text boxes.

Course selection
Level of study *

You may apply for up to three courses at East 15. Please list in order as you will be considered for each course in your preferred order. You will only attend one audition for all your choices.

Applicant details
Title *
First name *
(Maximum of 50 characters)
Last name *
(Maximum of 50 characters)
Age at start of course *
Date of birth *
Day Month Year
Gender *
Email address *
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Nationality *
Country of birth *
Country of permanent residence *
Dual nationality *
Address line 1 *
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Address line 2
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Town/city *
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Country *
Postcode, zip code or equivalent
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Telephone number *
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Mobile number
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What is your residency status? *

Is English your first language?

If English is not your first language we will assess your language skills at audition/interview. If you are then successful your offer may, if applicable, contain a condition that you supply proof of an English language qualification (i.e. IELTS).

All applicants are required to audition or interview. *

A non-refundable audition fee of £55 for UK auditions and online auditions must be paid before we are able to confirm your audition. If you have not already paid this fee, you should use the payment link sent to you via email after you submit this form.

Remember, if you are applying only for BA Stage & Production Management, BA Creative Producing (Theatre and Short Film) or MA/MFA Theatre Directing, you are not required to pay the audition fee, but you will be required to attend an interview.

If you wish to attend an overseas audition, you are not required to pay the £55 audition fee.

For your information the courses based at each campus are below:

Loughton Courses
Cert HE in Theatre Arts
BA Acting
BA Acting (International)
BA Acting & Contemporary Theatre
BA Stage & Production Management

All Postgraduate courses

Southend courses
Cert HE in Theatre Arts
BA Acting & Community Theatre
BA Acting & Stage Combat
BA Physical Theatre
BA World Performance
BA Creative Producing (Theatre & Short Film)

Option 1

Please select your preferred audition date from the list of available dates shown below. Please note the following:

  • We cannot guarantee that you will be allocated your chosen audition day.
  • Your allocated audition date will be confirmed in writing.
  • If you arrive on any other audition day it is highly probable that you will not be seen.
  • If you are applying only for Loughton based courses - choose either a Loughton or Joint Campus audition date.
  • If you are applying only for Southend based courses - choose a Southend Campus audition date.
  • If you are applying for a mix of Southend and Loughton based courses - choose a Joint Campus audition date.
  • Applicants that are currently studying the Cert HE Theatre Arts at East 15 should tick the relevant box in addition to the "I confirm I have paid" box.

Your audition date will not be confirmed until you hear from us in writing – at the moment, you are ONLY expressing a preference. We strongly advise that you do not book travel or accommodation for your preferred audition date until you have heard from us that it is confirmed.

Option 2

Audition materials can be submitted by providing URLs. We are able to accept links to YouTube, Vimeo or file sharing websites Dropbox and GoogleDrive (please note we are unable to accept links to Facebook pages).

(Maximum of 1000 characters)

Option 3

Overseas audition country of preference

Option 4

Recent work experience (all work experience is relevant for assessment of ‘life experience’).
Start date End date Employer
(Maximum of 100 characters)
(Maximum of 300 characters)
Only fully completed rows will be saved and you should select the 1st of the month if you do not know the exact day. If you do not yet have an End date, then please enter the 01/10/2020
Previous amateur and professional theatre training
(Maximum of 3000 characters)
Languages spoken
(Maximum of 450 characters)
Musical ability and skills

Include any previous tuition in singing and/or playing an instrument/grades.

(Maximum of 450 characters)
Other relevant skills or experience
(Maximum of 3000 characters)
Education from age 16
Please list your most recent qualifications first and include any qualifications you are currently studying for. Include anything you have studied at sixth form, further education college or university. You do not need to list your high school/secondary school qualifications.

If you have not yet completed the qualifications listed, please enter 'Pending' in the grades/award column.
Date completed or due to be completed Institution
(Maximum of 100 characters)
Qualification (e.g Degree, BTEC Extended Diploma, A Level etc) and subject studied
(Maximum of 100 characters)
(Maximum of 30 characters)
Only fully completed rows will be saved and you should select the 1st of the month if you do not know the exact day.
Further information
Write a statement explaining why you wish to study your chosen course(s) at East 15 Acting School *
(Maximum of 10000 characters)
Course fees

Some students are eligible for a combination of grants and loans from a variety of sources. However, students not eligible for financial support may have to fund the course fees from their own resources. How do you plan to pay for your course?

(Maximum of 250 characters)
Do you have a disability?
East 15 Acting School welcomes applications from students with disabilities and special educational needs and you are encouraged to let us know of any relevant conditions or requirements so that we can ensure that appropriate support is in place.
(Maximum of 250 characters)
How did you hear about East 15 Acting School? *

If you are applying through an agent and would like us to liaise with the agent in relation to your application, please could you provide details in this section of the form. Name
(Maximum of 100 characters)

Email address
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Telephone number (including international code)
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Nominated Person
If you would like to nominate another person that we can discuss your application with (i.e. your parent/carer, teacher, partner or friend) please give their details here Name
(Maximum of 100 characters)

Relationship to applicant
(Maximum of 100 characters)

Email address
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Telephone number (including international code)
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In order to complete your application, we need to know that you fully understand the terms and conditions of our admissions process.

Please indicate by ticking the boxes that you are in agreement with each statement. *

Parental consent (under 18s only)

If you are under the age of 18, in accordance with the University of Essex Safeguarding Policies, agreed processes for applicants under the age of 18 and Third Party Contact Policy, we require that your application to East 15 Acting School is authorised by a parent/guardian and that you, the applicant, thereby nominate the person named herein as a point of contact with whom we can correspond where necessary in relation to your application and applicant status should the need arise.

If you will be under the age of 18 when your course commences you will be required to complete additional paperwork as part of your application process. If you are required to complete paperwork in addition to your application, we will advise you.
Relationship to applicant

Full name
(Maximum of 100 characters)

Email address
(Maximum of 100 characters)

Telephone number
(Maximum of 50 characters)

During the admissions process all information you supply to the University will adhere to the principles set out in its Privacy Notice for Students. This information is only disclosed within the University to members of staff who process your application and to contact you with information relevant to your application. This may include overseas members of staff if your application is made outside of the UK. Failure to provide required data may result in your application not being processed. Where required as part of this process, we will check the accuracy of your data against external sources (for example exam boards or reference providers) and may also confirm your data to other higher education institutions, government agencies or those acting on behalf of the government. If your application is successful and you register as a student, some or all of this information will form part of your student record. If you are unsuccessful in your application or you do not take up an offer of a place, data will be held on our systems for 8 years. Data retention within Admissions is currently being reviewed. If you want to withdraw your application at any stage then please contact