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We offer fully-funded studentships to at least 16 students each year, each worth between £18,862 and £22,112 per year of study. Studentships are offered across 22 doctoral pathways. A doctoral pathway is a route to postgraduate study, either:

  • a one year masters followed by three years of doctoral research (1+3) or
  • three years of doctoral research (+3) if you have already completed a relevant masters degree (from another ESRC-accredited DTC or one with a substantial methodological element)


If you have UK or EU fee status (often referred to as Home/EU) then you can apply for any pathway. EU students are eligible for fees only (see exception below).

If you are an EU or international student then you can apply for a full award if your research meets one of the following conditions:

  1. your research has a very strong economics focus (to be supervised in the following Essex departments: Economics, ISER, Essex Business School, Government or Sociology)
  2. your research will use advanced quantitative methods

The ESRC have announced that the relaxed residential eligibility requirements for non-UK students is limited to 30% of the total awards in that area. This means that the Essex DTC has one Economics and two advanced quantitative methods (AQM) full awards open to non-UK students.

Doctoral pathways

Our pathways are grouped into eight subject areas. In each area, certain Masters courses and areas of doctoral research are eligible for our ESRC studentships.

Allocation of studentships

Our studentships are awarded as follows:

  • five studentships are awarded to applicants on economics pathways (any pathway in the economics cluster or to other pathways with a strong economics focus - we advise you to consult our Graduate Admissions team for advice on this)
  • eight to those using advanced quantitative methods (in any pathway that includes a strong quantitative methods element)
  • at least three to any pathway, including collaborative awards

In total there are at least 16 studentships available each year. We work with outside organisations to arrange funding by them of collaborative studentships. The number of collaborative studentships and the level of funding received from outside organisations affects the total number of studentships offered.

How to apply