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As a CHASE scholar, you have access to a wide range of additional funding opportunities to support your research and professional development (subject to eligibility). As a CHASE partner institution, our University has access to funds for organising training events and activities specifically designed to foster links between the community of CHASE doctoral scholars and to enhance your capacity to become a future leader in your field.

Student Development Fund

The Student Development Fund (SDF) supports your individual training needs, and is divided into three areas.

  • Academic Fund - you can apply to the Academic Fund for individual research skills training and professional development opportunities, including specialist IT training, advanced subject area or language training, as well as archive and conference visits.
  • Placements Fund - providing you with the opportunity to study and/or work outside your home institution, this fund can cover travel and accommodation costs, as well as an additional stipend during study or work placements. Placements can last from one to six months and can be based at a UK or overseas research organisation.
  • Engagement Fund - designed to fund students wishing to develop projects related to knowledge exchange (the co-production of new knowledge via interaction between academics and non-academics), employability, and the creation of platforms for sharing research with audiences outside our University, in support of CHASE's 'Public Humanities' programme.

Cohort Development Fund

Supporting collaborative and interdisciplinary research is central to the CHASE ethos and environment. The Cohort Development Fund (CDF) is designed to support initiatives that are accessible to the entire CHASE cohort of doctoral students, both within and across disciplines.

Annual CHASE scholar conference

The annual CHASE conference, 'Encounters', is for the entire community of CHASE scholars and is hosted in rotation by consortium members. 'Encounters' provides a collegial environment for supervisors and students, with opportunities for you to build networks, receive training advice, and showcase your research and success.

Further opportunities funded by the Cohort Development Fund

In addition to the conference, the CDF also funds advanced training and research support in areas including:

  • Advanced Research Craft - training in subject specialist skills, research methods, language skills, archival training, and digital humanities
  • Future Humanities - focusing on innovative and cutting-edge research methods that transform disciplinary knowledge
  • Public Humanities - equipping students to collaborate and have impact beyond the higher education sector
  • CHASE Foundations - employability training, enhanced by our network of non-academic partnerships
  • CHASE Digital - using digital media to support collaboration between CHASE scholars and maximize access to training


As well as CHASE funding, you will also benefit from Proficio, our University's unique professional development scheme for doctoral students. You'll receive up to £2,500 during your studies to fund conference attendance and specialist training across a range of areas from research skills and managing your PhD, to presenting your work and getting published.

Languages for all

Reading texts and sources in their original languages can be a real advantage for postgraduate research. Our University's Languages for All scheme allows you to study a language alongside your course at no extra cost.