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Dr Vishwanathan Mohan

Position in departmentWebsite Co-ordinator/Publicity Officer
Staff positionLecturer
Telephone01206 876524
Academic support hours10-13


Current research

Funtional Reuse at the level of Perception, Action, Memory and Social cognition in brains and cognitive machines
Interplay between learning, memory and prospection in cumulativley developing systems (humans, robots) 
Unified computational basis for action "generation, imagination and understanding"
Cognitive technologies and solutions especially in assistive robotics, industrial manufacTURING.

Research interests

 Cognitive Robotics

Computational Neuroscience

Industrial Manufacturing

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 Selected Invited talks at various venues

2015 Cognitive architectures for Humanoid robots (2015), NSF workshop on Neuromotor Rehabilitation, Arenzano, Italy.
2014 Humanoid robots as a mirror into human cognition, (2014), Keynote at IEEE Computational Intelligence workshop, IIIT Allahabad, India.
2014 Cumulatively "learning and using" knowledge of Causal relations, Simple experiments with iCub humanoid, Biologically Inspired Cognitive architectures 2014, MIT Boston, USA.
2013 On the interplay between "learning, memory, prospection and abstraction" in cumulatively learning baby humanoids, Invited talk at IJCNN in the memory of Professor John G Taylor (Kings College London), Dallas, Texas, USA.
2012 Towards "Acting , Learning, Reasoning" humanoids: Darwin@1.5 (2012), Invited lecture at US Army NATICK soldier research centre, coinciding with the Kick Off meeting of the US DoD grant, Boston, MA, USA.
2012 Combining past experience, imitation and exploration to swiftly learn to use new tools, Speaker at Living Machines 2012, International Conference on Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems, La Pedera, Barcelona.

Other Talks at Various venues

What does learning to ‘draw a circle’ have to do with driving, cycling, unwinding and screwing? Vishwanathan Mohan IEEE Intl conference on development and learning (IEEE ICDL-EPIROB 2011) Frankfurt, Germany (2011.8)
Teaching Humanoids to Imitate ‘Shapes’ of Movements. Vishwanathan Mohan Morasso Proceedings of 20th International conference on Artificial neural networks ICANN, Thessaloniki, Greece (2010.9).
Teaching baby humanoid iCub to write iCub and beyond. Vishwanathan Mohan Fourth International Conference on Cognitive Science, pp. 1-3, Tomsk , Russia. (2010.6)
Composing and Coordinating body models of arbitrary connectivity and redundancy: A Biomimetic, field computing approach. Vishwanathan Mohan IROS'2009 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) at St. Louis, MO, USA. (2009.10)
Reaching Extended’: Using computational force fields for Real and Mental Action Generation in Cognitive Robots. Vishwanathan Mohan (60%) Third Intl Conf on Cognitive Science. Moscow, Russia. (2008.6)
Neural Network of a Cognitive Crow: An interacting map based architecture. Vishwanathan Mohan (70%), Morasso P (2007) First IEEE International Conference on Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems (SASO), Boston, Mass., USA. (2007.8)
A Forward / Inverse Motor Controller for Cognitive Robotics. Vishwanathan Mohan (60%), Morasso P Int Conf on Artificial Neural Networks (ICANN 06). Athens, Greece (2006.9).
Studies on an Electronic analog of a Recurrent Neural Network with retrieval Phase weight adaptations, Vishwanathan Mohan Proceedings of Joint IInd Intl. Conf. On soft computing and Intelligent Informatics, Yokohama, Japan. (2004.09)
Inevitable Energy Costs of Storage Capacity Enhancement in an Oscillatory Neural Network”. Vishwanathan Mohan 46th IEEE International Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems, Cairo Egypt. (2003.12)
Link between Energy and Computation in a Physical Model of Hopfield Network, Vishwanathan Mohan 9th International Conference on Neural Information processing, Singapore (2002.11)

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