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Our courses are designed to give you the knowledge and skills that employers are looking for. The flexible, modular nature of our courses enables you to focus your studies on the career path that interests you. The stories of our graduates will give you an idea of just some of the options open to you.

  • Bogdan Suvar, Google (BEng Computer Networks)

    Bogdan Suvar “Studying at Essex was important to me for several reasons: it is renowned for its cultural diversity, it offers a wide range of extracurricular activities and it has expertise within the field of telecommunications and computer networks. It was easy to live comfortably at Essex and the academic support I was given was excellent.

    Essex is a fantastic place to study for people interested in telecommunications, computer networking, robotics or artificial intelligence, and my School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering had strong partnerships within the industry and finds itself at the cutting-edge of innovation.

    I now live in Dublin and work for Google, fighting spam and improving the quality of search results in emerging European markets. The modules I studied at Essex, and also at Uppsala University in Sweden during my year abroad, provided tremendous knowledge for programming, artificial intelligence, network security, machine learning, and network engineering which I'm currently applying on a day-to-day basis.”

  • Alex Harris, Credit Suisse (BEng Computer and Network Security)

    Alex Harris “I chose Essex based on the rankings of the School and because I was very impressed with the open day I attended. All the staff were extremely friendly and approachable and the course offered me a chance to study modules that complemented my interests.

    The first few weeks at the University were a whirlwind of meeting new people and socialising. Living away from home took some adjustment, but looking back it was an invaluable experience, which I will always remember.

    My favourite part of the course had to be my final-year project. It gave me so much scope to work on topics that interested me, covering areas such as project management, report writing, practical work and presentations. The project was such an achievement and proved a great asset to discuss in interviews. It gave me a great deal of confidence and specifically helped me in attaining my current position at Credit Suisse.

    I spent my free time taking advantage of the sports clubs that Essex had to offer. I was a member of the Ju-Jitsu, Squash and Pool Clubs over the three years and met many of my friends there.

    Looking back, Welcome Week has to be my favourite memory as it was such an exciting period! It’s just a shame it was all over too quickly! I loved my experience at Essex and would not change it for anything. I learnt so much about myself as well as gaining a brilliant, first-class degree!”

  • Mani Yazdanpanahi, PhD research (BEng Electronic Engineering, MSc Telecommunication Information Systems)

    Mani Yazdanpanahi Mani has spent several years at Essex, where he has completed his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

    “I made the decision to come to Essex primarily because of its excellent reputation for electronic engineering. Upon starting, I was able to settle in easily thanks to the friendly atmosphere on campus and the nice mix of students from around the world. There were fantastic facilities on offer, including the library and 24-hour computer laboratories. All staff were incredibly helpful and supportive. I enjoyed studying the laboratory modules the most, because of the hands-on experience that I gained.

    After graduating, I decided to further my education by undertaking a Masters degree. The course at Essex was highly specialised and enabled me to choose the relevant modules based around my career plans. I have just completed my PhD research, influenced directly by the interests I developed during my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

    Each year of my academic life was a unique experience. My time at Essex was truly worthwhile.”

  • Razvan Stefan Muscalu, business and IT consultancy (BSc Computer Science)

    “From an early age I had a passion for science, particularly maths, so chose to study computer science as a practical application of mathematics. As Romanian universities do not offer much variety in this domain, I turned to the UK and Essex, which captured my attention with its lively campus and international community. My decision to live and study here was also influenced by academic reputation, as both the University and School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering are renowned for excellent teaching and research.

    After living at home and not having much contact with the world outside Romania’s borders, my decision to study in the UK came as a surprise. However, my first week at Essex was a breakthrough. I was exploring so many new places and meeting new people: flatmates, friends from Romania, friends of friends from Romania! Academically, my first lectures were proof that my professors were part of the friendly University community, while the curriculum is very rich, with modules ranging from networks to artificial intelligence and beyond. There was lots of practical experience and laboratories were equipped with everything required.

    Outside of my studies, I became Events Officer for the Romanian Society. Entering the committee of this society was probably one of my best decisions as I could see what running a society really means and what teamwork is all about. I also got to spend a year with some of my best friends, organising many amazing events for the society.

    As I acquired more experience, both at University and through a three-month summer internship at BT, I started to think about a possible career in IT. My third-year module, Business Information Systems, allowed me to study IT from a business point of view: identifying, applying and streamlining IT infrastructures in companies. This pushed me to a career in business and IT consultancy, so I am now starting my MA Information Systems at Manchester Business School, where I will study IT from a business, rather than a technical, perspective. However, in order to be efficient when working with clients, a certain level of technical knowledge is required and I have acquired such technical knowledge through my degree at Essex, which provides the perfect foundation for my future studies.

    My Essex experience was truly rich and rewarding, as I gained great interpersonal skills which will aid me in adapting better and faster to new environments. On a professional level, I attained good technical knowledge and teamwork experience which will help me in my future endeavours and career.”

  • Dlair Kadhem, entrepreneur (BSc Computer Games and Information Technology)

    “The Colchester Campus is in a great location and has a distinctive atmosphere which was an added bonus. The University is also highly ranked for the quality of its research, which was a big factor in my decision to study at Essex. Settling into university life was very easy; I lived in the Towers accommodation, so I immediately made friends with everyone in my flat.

    Since graduating, I have recently been running my own business which focuses on the web and open source technologies. I still look back to some of the modules that I studied which help me in my business operations. Studying at Essex changed the way I approach my work and has certainly helped with everyday challenges.

    I had some of the best years of my life at Essex: a mixed bag full of joy, freedom, hard work and plenty of untapped potential. My time there defined my future and there’s not a day that goes by without wishing I was back!”

  • Ashley Fox (BSc Computer Science)

    “The School provided excellent facilities and gave me the opportunity to choose from a diverse range of modules which allowed me to experiment with different areas of computing and find out what I enjoyed the most; therefore by my final year I could tailor the course to my interests.

    At first I thought it might be hard adjusting to a new learning style but there was plenty of support available and in the end I actually enjoyed planning my own study time. My favourite modules were Web Application Programming and Computer Security, which were very practical and also good fun. I found that all the modules I took were helpful towards a future career, especially Business Information Systems which focused on the business environment and was particularly useful as it set me up perfectly for a future career working within an organisation.

    Whilst being at Essex I also had a part-time job as a Senior Student Ambassador which gave me vital communication skills that would be useful in all future career paths. I also recently started work in a local secondary school developing their website, which is exactly what I would like to do in the future, and thanks to the University of Essex I feel fully prepared.”

  • Lewis Rodger (BSc Computer Science)

    “Throughout my time at Essex, I lived at home and commuted to the University. For me, this decision was economical and meant I could continue with hobbies at home. I also felt very lucky to have such a fantastic university, that offered the course I wanted to study, on my very door step.

    The School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering was very welcoming and I quickly made new friends on my course. Many of the lecturers who taught me were leading professionals in their particular field of research but, despite being such experts, there remained a great sense of community where undergraduates, postgraduates and lecturers worked side by side within the school. The equipment we used during my course, and within our labs, was of very high quality; with over eight different computer labs, some open 24 hours, on campus, there is always a machine available.

    I very much enjoyed the modules where teamwork was the focus, as it gave me the chance to enhance my leadership and communication skills as well as make new friends. Modules that allowed group work also meant we spent a great deal of time in The Orangery, which was my favourite place on campus. The Orangery has several pods each fitted with a computer, projection screen and surrounded with white boards; it’s a hi-tech interactive building that is connected to Zest café, making it the perfect place to meet for lunch and continue with work.

    During my time at Essex, I had several part-time jobs. One of these involved working at a primary school in Colchester which gave me valuable experience of working with children and is one of the main reasons I have been accepted on to a postgraduate teacher training course next year.”