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Information for schools

We work closely with local schools and colleges, offering a wide variety of activities that tie in with the National Curriculum. We can provide:

  • sample lectures on subjects such as electronics, basic physics, software, renewable energy systems and robotics
  • tours of our School, which we tailor to students' interests
  • laboratory work on topics such as the design of electronics hardware, computer programming and robot control
  • competitions on the design and construction of solar collectors, watermills and wind turbines
  • research placements, in which students are allocated a project that they work on both at school and at the University
  • a programming club, in which you can learn how to program in the popular Python programming language
  • amateur radio licence courses at Foundation, Intermediate and Full levels (three academics hold Full licences and our University is a registered examination centre).
Watch our video so you can see what we do!


Virtually a Student

This popular event gives school pupils the chance to experience a typical day in the life of an undergraduate student in our School. Details for summer 2014 will be published in due course.

Essex Mobile Laboratory

Dr Adrian Clark is a recognised STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) Ambassador and operates the Essex Mobile Observatory, taking several telescopes to schools, colleges, science events — or just street corners — and inviting people to share in the wonders of the night sky.

Contact us

Please contact Dr John Woods for further information about our programme of school visits.