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PhD Students

  • Mr Laner Cassar - Bridging Imaginal Pathways: The Jungian technique of Active Imagination and Robert Desoille’s ‘Rêve-éveillé-dirigé’ method
  • Ms Lynda Chevins - Individuation because of the Couple? Facilitation and Suffocation of Individuation in couples
  • Mrs Judy Faulkner - A comparison of attachment styles of those sent to Boarding School and those into Care Homes under the ages of 13 years old
  • Mrs Mandy Fealy - Preparing for collective trauma: Strategies for restoration of individual and organisational psychological well-being.
  • Mr Huseyin Firat - A Comparative Study: The Jungian Process of Individuation and Personal Development in Sufism
  • Ms Gloria Geretto - Healing with Nature: horticulture as a therapeutic experience for refugees: Nature-based therapy in healing trauma.
  • Miss Camilla Giambonini - Sex, Violence and Teenagers in Contemporary Capitalism: Post-Jungian and Archetypal Perspectives
  • Mr Dominik Havsteen-Franklin - The Dynamics of Proto-metaphorisation: Investigating the Processes that Lead to Implicit Metaphorisation in Art Psychotherapy with Patients Diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Ms Henriette Heide-Jorgensen - Religion and transformation
  • Mr David Jones - Psychoanalytic psychotherapy claims not simply to relieve the pain or difficulty experienced by the patient but offers the possibility of a transformation within the patient. What is this transformation and what does it mean?
  • Miss Fung Ko - Tobacco advertising as a psychotogenic mother in providing a holding environment to perpetuate cigarette addiction
  • Mr Wolfgang Lassman - Lost to Desire. Stories That Refuse to be Dreamt. The Investigative Burden of the Psychosomatic School of Paris
  • Ms Carol Lloyd - Exploring Children's Dreams in a British Educational context
  • Miss Orsolya Lukacs - A study on the historical and theoretical connections between Jung and Einstein
  • Mr Phillip McCash - How can the field of career studies be critically evaluated and subsequently re-imagined from a Jungian and post-Jungian perspective?
  • Miss Anna Milashevich - Towards a depth psychology perspective on creativity in the contemporary commercial organisation
  • Mr Tom Minor - ‘Aesthetic Reparation’ in Euripides Alcestis, Heracleidae, and Hecuba: An Attempt at Psychical Realism.
  • Mr Stephen Myers - Mythology for Christians: Dreaming onwards the Christian myth
  • Mr Shehzad Raj - Ambivalence and Penetration of Barriers in the Worship of Dionysus: Analysing the enacting of psychical conflicts in religious ritual and societal structure
  • Ms Simona Reghintovschi - Hate in countertransference. From consulting room to psychoanalytic group
  • Mr Gregory Rizzolo - The non-linear dynamics of regressive experience: Organization and chaos in the narcissistic personality.
  • Mr Mark Saban - The Dialectical Psyche: Jung and the Question of the Opposites
  • Mr Lars-Henrik Schmidt - Freud’s Resistance against Mass-Psychology: Prolegomena to the Social-Analytic Perspective
  • Miss Camila Souza Novaes - Corruption: Brazilian Experience and Post-Jungian Perspectives
  • Miss Kate Wainwright - Volunteering: A Qualitative and Psychoanalytic exploration of the experience of volunteering with the elderly
  • Miss Rebecca Walker - Towards a two-tier model of identity formation: Adult identities as governed by aggressive reparation and determined by the ruling economic structure of society
  • Ms Gillian Walker - Sigmund Freud's notion of masochism
  • Miss Xiao (Anais) You - Archetype and Archetypal Image in Chinese myths and legends
  • Mr Roman Yumatov - Penis-Envy in Men

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