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PPS reference library

The PPS reference library is located in room 4SB.6.15.

Library database

Use of the library

  1. The library is for reference purposes.
  2. Some rare books are not to be taken out of the Department library.
  3. The library is open only during certain hours (see the listing on the Student Administrators' office door).
  4. The book(s) must be signed out by a Student Administrator.
  5. The book(s) must be returned on the same day which they are borrowed, they are not to be removed from the building.
  6. The book(s) must be signed back in.

How to use the database

To switch between the databases use the 'tabs' at the bottom of the sheet:

Diagram: To switch between the databases use the 'tabs' at the bottom of the sheet

The 'Books/Journals/Reference' databases each have a simple filtering system attached to the title bars. This is to help with searches that may be required.

  1. click on the down arrow  on the title bar of choice, for example, 'Author':

    Diagram: Click on the 'down' arrow on the title bar of choice e.g. Author
  2. this will give a drop-down menu of choices
  3. select the word for the search, for example, Freud, S
  4. always go back into the drop-down menu after you have finished your search
  5. click on 'All' for the next person's use
  6. on exiting the database, if you are prompted: "Do you want to save changes" click 'No'
  7. another way to search is by highlighting the letter above the column in which you are interested and using ctr + F.

Finding a book or publication in the library

The books are in alphabetical order on the shelves. Alphabetical sorting has been made according to the second column ('Author' for books, 'Title' for journals). The name of the main (first) author should be stated, wherever possible.

The indexes have been made in the following order, according to the following rules:

Books (for example, Fre.S2xi)

  • First three letters of the main author's surname.
  • Dot.
  • First letter of the main author's name (in cases where the above coincide, the second letter of the author's name is written. In rare cases where the above coincide, the first three letters become four with the adding of the surname's next letter which differentiates the two authors. The same rule applies where the authors have the same surname and name, but different middle name).
  • Number '2' (3, 4, etc) where there are 2 (3, 4, etc) books of the same main author.
  • Letter 'b' (c, d, etc) where there are 2 (3, 4, etc) copies of the same book.
  • Letter 'i' (ii, iii, etc) where there is the 1st (2nd, 3rd, etc) volume.

Journals (for example, IJPA62.3)

  • Official abbreviation (or initials) of the journal.
  • Last two numbers of the year issued.
  • Dot.
  • Number of the Issue/Part/No.

Special collections of the University library

The Special Collections of the University's Albert Sloman Library includes a number of important collections relevant to the Department's work. These include:

  • Balint papers
  • Sigmund Freud Collection
  • Georg Groddeck Archive of Oscar Köllerström
  • Angela Harris /James Strachey Collection
  • David Holt Collection
  • Zeitlyn Library.