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Essex has numerous scholars whose research interests include Latin America and the Caribbean spanning disciplines across the arts, humanities, social sciences, and law. Interests range from poetry, film, history and art across to transitional justice, human rights, environmental issues and indigenous mobilisation.

A Latin American Studies Centre was founded at the University of Essex in 1968 which has since then been a leading centre in the UK.

Recently renamed the Centre for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, it includes among its resources the Albert Sloman Library's collection of Latin American material (recognised as a national resource) as well as the Essex Collection of Art from Latin America (ESCALA) – the largest such collection in public hands in Europe.

Our strengths

  • Outstanding research over a wide range of disciplines
  • One of the oldest established centres for Latin American Studies in the UK
  • One of the largest library collections in the UK
  • The largest public collection of Latin American Art in Europe

Study Latin America

Latin American desert

Our Interdisciplinary Studies Centre offers courses in Latin American studies that bring together language experts, lecturers and researchers from the humanities and the social sciences, with undergraduate modules available in literature, film, history of art, history, politics and sociology.


Nadín Ospina, Idolo con muñeca, 2000 (c) Nadín Ospina. Image (c) ESCALA

ESCALA is a public, university museum that stimulates research, awareness and enjoyment art from Latin America. With associated archive and expertise, ESCALA is the most complete UK resource for Latin American art and the only collection in Europe dedicated exclusively to this subject.

Albert Sloman Library

Our Library

The Albert Sloman Library holds one of the most prominent collections of material on Latin America and the Caribbean in the UK and is recognised as a national and international scholarly resource. The Collection totals over 75,000 books and pamphlets, and over 1,600 periodicals.