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Web Editing and Digital Media

Support for web authors

Support for web authors

Find out more about support for our web authors, including news and guidelines, information about editing access, tutorials and information about the Web Authors' Group.

Our team is responsible for the strategic development and management of the University's use of the web and related digital media. Our role includes the production and development of central corporate web pages, planning and editing content, and the online implementation of the University's brand.

We work closely with a team of web authors across the University to make sure our website content is of the highest quality. This includes providing web author guidance and a series of training courses to develop and maintain web authoring skills.

How we can help

We want to ensure that users of our website find the information they need as quickly and as easily as possible. Contact us or your department web author if you would like to suggest a change to the website, we can also give you advice and support with:

  • writing effective web content
  • planning and organising your web pages
  • improving your web author skills
  • analytics reports on website traffic

Web Editing and Digital Media

University of Essex, Wivenhoe Park, Colchester CO4 3SQ

Telephone 01206 873410


If you know which member of our team you'd like to speak to, you can contact them directly.