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Dr Richard Olsen

Staff positionVisiting Professor

Dr Richard Olsen holds a Licentiate in Law from the University of Zurich, a Master's in Economics from Oxford University, and a PhD from the University of Zurich.  He worked in banking as a researcher and foreign exchange dealer before founding Olsen and Associates in 1985.

Richard's original company was formed as a research institute to provide value-added information to financial institutions.  Olsen and Associates developed its own technologies for collecting, filtering and creating databases, inaugurating what is today one of the world's largest repositories of research-quality, tick-by-tick pricing information for fx and selected instruments.

In 1996 Olsen launched a small Internet company, OANDA, to globally commercialize its currency expertise.  OANDA has since become a leading provider of currency-related tools and services; in 2001 OANDA opened FXTrade, the first fully automated online foreign exchange trading platform.

Working at the forefront of research to demonstrate persistent predictability in financial markets, Olsen Ltd. has contributed to the growing body of evidence that markets have internal structure—with participants acting in prescribed ways based on their differing profiles and time horizons.  Within this framework, Olsen has shown that financial time series—such as fx prices and interest rates—exhibit significant deviation from a random walk and can be conditionally forecast.

For more than 20 years Olsen has led research in the emerging field of "high-frequency finance."  Unlike pure R&D shops, Olsen has developed real-time trading models based on their research and put their theories to the ultimate test—in the marketplace.  Starting in 2008 Olsen extends this opportunity to students, researchers and investment professionals through its online software environment, OlsenRoutes.  OlsenRoutes enables online users to create and test statistical operators (with free access to Olsen data, source code, and hosting servers) in the context of "real markets.".

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