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PG funding

Postgraduate funding

We offer scholarships and bursaries to talented postgraduates, ranging from research council studentships and University of Essex scholarships to awards funded by charities and other external organisations.

Innovative training in finance

Our ground-breaking Masters courses (MSc Computational Finance, MSc Algorithmic Trading) and the established CCFEA Doctoral programme (leading to PhDs in Computational Finance or Computational Economics) delivers rigorous training in the principles of quantitative finance and microeconomics along with computational skills for:

  • design and testing of market micro structure
  • risk management and financial engineering in non-Gaussian environments
  • artificially intelligent adaptive and reinforced learning techniques, heuristic optimisation and evolutionary computation
  • study of complex dynamics and self-organisation in evolving agent models and networks, and
  • policy analysis.

We offer summer internships to our most talented students, to work for leading fintech companies hosted by established banks (such as, BNP Paribas and JP Morgan.

A number of our students have had internships with prestigious City institutions such as HSBC, Old Mutual and the Bank of England. One of the highlights is the opportunity to complete operationally relevant projects and work experience oriented Expert Lecture Series where projects are done under the supervision of industry experts. Our PhD students are encouraged and supported to attend international conferences and summer schools.