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Our Centre

Blending computation, economics and finance

We are an innovative and laboratory based teaching and research centre, with an international reputation for leading-edge, interdisciplinary work combining economic and financial modelling with computational implementation.

Outstanding research-led teaching

With very practical hands-on instruction from approachable, friendly lecturers and a highly cross-disciplinary syllabus, we place a strong emphasis on empirical work and make use of high-frequency data in both our research and our teaching.

Strong links with industry

Our focus on skills required by industry is backed up by our extensive network of industrial contacts, through our City Associates Board, our alumni and advanced workshops and seminars from industry experts.

We are supported by our highly rated Department of Economics, School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, and Essex Business School.

Real-world research

Our group focuses on research in several different interdisciplinary areas, including algorithmic game theory, algorithmic trading and pricing derivatives. Our ultimate goal is to explore the synergy between computation, economics and finance.

Our research is geared towards practical applications, and many of our academic staff have experience of applying their research both in industry and in advising the UK government.