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Employability modules

We offer academic modules within particular departments that look at:

  • the research and theory behind career and personal development
  • the more practical skills of tracking graduate labour market trends
  • recruitment and selection procedures

The modules are worth 15 credits at level 4 or 5 and are designed to help students obtain and sustain a satisfying and successful career.

What's involved?

The modules involve interactive sessions which look at topics such as human motivation, personality and emotion in the light of employability and constraints imposed by societal structure. The teaching adopts an interdisciplinary approach drawing predominantly from psychological and sociological theory.

The practical aspects of the module are informed by career management education and complemented by a number panels attended by degree relevant external speakers, providing an insight into the contemporary world of work.

There is an emphasis on experiential learning that is reflected upon and integrated into theoretical and developmental understanding.


Assessment is 100% coursework and taps into the intellectual, practical and reflective themes of the module.

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Employability modules descriptions available on the Module Directory: