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The Essex Graduate

The Essex Graduate sets out the University’s aspiration for how we hope and intend that our students will grow as individuals as a result of their degree and extra and co-curricular experiences. The vision is first and foremost of students as rounded individuals who will enter into many different possible life roles – as a citizen, family member, volunteer, as well as an entrepreneur, freelancer and paid employee. So it is much broader than employability.   

The 2018 version has been developed with CER and Organisational Development drawing on good practice elsewhere and research and theory into personal and academic development, as well as the capabilities needed for the graduate labour market.

The components

There are four components based on the four pillars of our challenger brand.

  • An active global citizen - with an international outlook
  • Transforming lives - embracing a culture of membership
  • Enterprising and ready for the future – embodying the Essex Spirit
  • Always learning – with a research mindset and skills

Each component is described further in The Essex Graduate (restricted access).

Using the Essex Graduate in Your Practice

There are many ways of using the Essex Graduate. The key is to finding an approach which makes sense for the way that you work with your students.  For example:

  •  Making explicit to students the attributes they are developing in the course of a module
  • Reflecting upon the Essex Graduate in a Personal Tutorial
  • Considering how the design of an initiative or educational activity might foster the attributes of the Essex Graduate

Embedding the Essex Graduate in the University

The Essex Graduate is being built into the online system GradIntel which students use for recording Units for the Big Essex Award (BEA). The four broad components have been cross mapped to 24 concrete capabilities and these have been mapped to the different award Units. A dashboard will enable students to see which aspects of the Essex Graduate they are developing through particular Units.  

The four components have also been mapped to the 11 questions of the UK Engagement Survey which Essex takes part in. A Tableau dashboard allows staff to see how far different groups of students believe they are developing the aspects of the Essex Graduate.

The Essex Graduate