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Essex Interns

The Essex Interns Graduate Project provides an opportunity for departments to take on a skilled 2018 graduate from a Bachelor level degree for a three month, full-time internship.

In return by giving them the opportunity to develop their skills in a workplace setting, you'll be significantly enhancing their employment prospects. It's crucial that our 2018 graduates who haven't yet found graduate-level employment, gain relevant up-to-date workplace experience on their CVs in order for them to compete in a challenging jobs market.

Benefits to your department

  • Cost efficient resource - you'll receive a £2,500 lump sum subsidy towards the cost of a three month, full-time internship, providing you with a cost effective resource to deliver a piece of work.
  • Getting the job done - this could be the impetus you need to kick start a project that might have been put on hold or wouldn't otherwise be completed due to budget or time restrictions.
  • Injection of new skills – graduate minds can introduce innovation, new skills and knowledge into the workforce and enhance organisational success and performance.
  • Fresh perspectives – as previous clients our graduates bring fresh insights to our service delivery and different perspectives to problems.
  • Grow your team - an internship can serve as a trial period for potential recruitment to a permanent post and a new motivated member can invigorate your team.
  • Recruitment support - we provide a free vacancy handling service to promote your opportunity to our skilled graduates and collate your applications for you.

Eligibility and application criteria

Funding is open to any department that can offer a three month, full-time, graduate level internship opportunity for a 2018 Bachelor level graduate, graduating in July. Graduate levels are governed by a national database of job roles - the team will be able to check and advise on this aspect.

The graduate will be employed by your department and must commence their contract with you between 1 August 2018 and 30 April 2019. Interns must continue to be paid should their contract be extended beyond the initial internship period but any further employment won't be funded by Essex Interns.

Recruitment support

Essex Interns will assist you in advertising and promoting the role to our graduates. We will collate the applications for you, but the final decision on appointment is made by you. You don't have to appoint someone should the applicants prove unsuitable. However we would encourage you to look for the potential in an applicant, and bear in mind that some may be inexperienced in the recruitment process.

We will make every effort to promote your position but we can't guarantee applicants for your role, any funding for unfilled opportunities may be re-allocated.


The Essex Interns wage is currently set at a minimum of Grade 4 Spinal Point 11 and is based on 2017 figures. Rates from 2018 will apply when announced by our University. We would encourage you to offer a pay rate suitable for the calibre of candidate and the level of work undertaken and can advise on this.

Annual Monthly Hourly 3 months
Base salary rate
(as of 2017)
Grade 4,
Spinal point 11
£18,777 £1,564.75 £10.01 £4,694.25
Funding To be transferred by Essex Interns on completion of internship £2,500.00
Remaining Estimated cost to department (not including on costs such as NI or pension contributions) £2,194.25

You will need to confirm that you have received the appropriate funding approval for payment of the intern’s salary before posting your vacancy with us. Essex Interns funding will be deposited by internal transfer on confirmation of completion of the internship. If the internship finishes early due to unforeseen circumstances you must contact Essex Interns immediately and the funding will be pro-rata’d.

How to apply

  1. Read this document: Important information for hiring managers (.pdf)
  2. Complete the Vacancy registration form (.docx) and Funding statement (.docx)
  3. Email your completed forms to

We would encourage you to apply as soon as possible, as funding is very limited and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

Important Information

Essex Interns reserve the right not to accept, or to withdraw any notified vacancy and/or funding at their discretion without publishing a reason. Decisions will be based on national best practice guidelines, graduate demand and internal scheme criteria. Internship offers may be declined if the vacancy doesn't offer the developmental and supervision requirements or if we don't have candidates looking for internships in this discipline or location.

Further information

Interested but unsure? Contact us and we'll be happy to talk it through with you on extension 3729.