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The Essex Interview pack

Recognise. Celebrate. Succeed.

Essex Interview front cover

The Essex Interview pack is a completely self-contained resource that takes you through the different types of job interviews you might face and provides advice and tips on how to make a good impression with your interviewers, including how to prepare for psychometric tests and assessment centres.

What's in the Essex Interview pack?

The pack contains a sample job description and an example interview transcript, giving you key things to think about to best sell yourself to employers. It should not take long to get some major benefits from it and we would strongly encourage you to read the whole Essex Interview pack (.pdf) and ensure you follow the checklist when you’re preparing for interviews. Recognise the full extent of your skills and experience and sell yourself in a way that does you justice. Be proud of what you have achieved.


“Preparing for interview is something everyone thinks they do pretty well. This guide gives Essex University students ALL they need to know and do to ensure they genuinely are well prepared for any type of interview.”
Simon Reichwald, Director, Bright Futures

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