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The Essex Application pack

Recognise. Celebrate. Succeed.

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The Essex Application pack is a completely self-contained resource that takes you through completing competency-based and statement-based job application forms.

Many employers design application forms to assess your suitability, rather than asking for a CV, so you will likely find that in many cases your focus will be on the application.

What's in the Essex Application pack?

The pack contains a sample job description and example application forms, giving you key things to think about to best sell yourself to employers. It should not take long to get some major benefits from it and we would strongly encourage you to read the whole Essex Application pack (.pdf) and ensure you follow the checklist when you’re writing each tailored application. Recognise the full extent of your skills and experience and sell yourself in a way that does you justice. Be proud of what you have achieved.


“I wish I’d had something like this to guide me when I graduated. It manages to cover the little things as well, such as e-mail, and this will help ensure that graduates take the time to present themselves at their best. Employers take a strong impression from the small details.”
Guy Wilshaw, Test Manager, Dell – Employer
“The Essex Application pack is a fantastic resource for students in an increasingly competitive job market. We’ll now be able to spot the applications from Essex students when shortlisting for our Graduate Scheme!”
Andy Williamson, Graduate Scheme Manager, National Skills Academy for Social Care - Employer