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CVs often form part of a job application or when applying to postgraduate study. It's a good idea to draft a CV which you can then refine and tailor for specific roles you want to apply for.

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Build your CV

If you're just starting out, book on to one of our CVs Explained workshops, run frequently during term-time, to learn how to create a professional CV .

Alternatively, check out the CareerHub+ resources on creating a great CV and develop your own taking inspiration from one of the templates available on CareerHub+ CV360.

It is important to remember that a CV is a very personal and individual document. The CV templates are intended as examples only. Use our resources to help you structure the full extent of your skills and experience and sell yourself in a way that does you justice. Be proud of what you have achieved.

CV360 review

Once you've created your CV, test it out using CV360 to get instant and detailed feedback. This is a unique tool developed for Essex students allowing you to test your CV against Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software, commonly used by job boards, CV databases and large organisations to analyse applications even before a human may see it.

Simply upload your CV and within five seconds you will receive instant, detailed feedback to help you optimise your CV and significantly boost your chance of securing an interview. 50+ checks provide feedback on File, Structure, Content, Language, Presentation and Skills - including unique checks such as time-to-read, average sentence length, employability skills and skills dominance.

We want you to have the best possible start in your job-seeking and the graduate job market, capitalising on your experiences at Essex. The detailed feedback will help you optimise your CV, and significantly boost your chances of getting to interview. In addition to instant feedback, you will also receive advice, tips and employer insight and best practices to help boost your knowledge and confidence.


Review your feedback report and amend your CV. Re-upload your refined CV to see your score improve. If you're tailoring it to a specific role you can arrange a 1:1 Application Support appointment for help. Book via CareerHub, or discuss with the Student Services Hub.

If you are using your CV to apply for a placement year then you should email to arrange an appointment.

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