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Seminars for 2017/18

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Prof Judith KleinUniversity of WarwickSchool Seminar: Sticking together: Lipids, proteins and their interactions. Stories about GPCRs and cytochrome C23/03/201713:002017 Spring Term
Prof Natasa PrzuljUniversity College LondonSchool Seminar: Data-driven medicine15/03/201713:002017 Spring Term
Prof Howard SalisPenn State UniversitySchool Seminar: Advancing the Engineering Science of Synthetic Biology: Model-predictive Design and Optimization of Cellular Sensors, Circuits, and Pathways09/03/201713:002017 Spring Term
Dr Steve KellyUniversity of OxfordSchool Seminar: Necessity is the mother of re-invention: the parallel evolution of C4 photosynthesis02/03/201713:00 
Dr Allen OrvilleDiamond Light SourceSchool Seminar: Dynamic Structural Biology Enabled by X-ray Free Electron Lasers23/02/201713:002017 Spring Term
Dr Joseph BatemanKing's College LondonSchool Seminar: Understanding mitochondrial dysfunction in the brain, new insights into neurodegenerative disease16/02/201713:00 
Dr James HartwellUniversity of LiverpoolSchool Seminar: Multi-omics and transgenic approaches unveil the blueprint for the most water-use efficient adaptation of photosynthesis 09/02/201713:002017 Spring Term
Dr Lenka SkalskaUniversity College LondonSchool Seminar: Regulatory feedback from nascent RNA to chromatin and transcription02/02/201713:002017 Spring Term
Dr Ben FieldCNRS MarseilleSchool Seminar: An unusual nucleotide is a potent controller of chloroplast function that regulates plant growth and development26/01/201713:00 
Prof Wendy BickmoreUniversity of EdinburghSchool Seminar: Chromosome folding and gene regulation from a distance19/01/201713:002017 Spring Term

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