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Information and support

Ask a postgraduate

Ask an experienced postgraduate student about living and studying at Essex through our online mentoring scheme. Our mentors will be happy to answer your questions at any stage during your postgraduate degree.

Course resources

Our intranet is a central resource for handbooks, reading lists and other materials you may need during your time at Essex.

Module supervisors also place learning resources such as handbooks, notes, lecture slides and other materials on Moodle for you to access easily.

What support do we offer our students?

We are proud of the support we offer our students and the pleasant, informal atmosphere we encourage.

All first-year students are allocated a personal tutor who will meet with you either individually, or as part of a small group, several times a term. Your personal tutor will set and mark pieces of coursework and act as a friendly face and source of guidance if you need advice. We operate an open door policy, which means there will always be someone available for you to talk to.


Our mentoring programme

Second- and third-year students are trained to mentor first-year students. Our mentor programme is designed to provide assistance and guidance to those with less experience. Mentors can advise and help you to adjust by giving practical advice on the use of University facilities and coping with your studies.

How much teaching time will I have?

On average, a first-year student is taught for approximately 16 hours per week with three to nine hours likely to be focused on lab-based practical sessions. The remainder of your time will involve background reading, coursework, preparing for exams and attending seminars, field trips or career talks.

Additional sources of support

There are other ways to be supported while you are at our University. There is always someone who will be able to help you or know someone who can: